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Besides professional football, Deion Sanders also played professional baseball.

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Are Barry Sanders and Bob Sanders and Deion Sanders Related in any way?

No. Barry Sanders, Bob Sanders and Deion Sanders are not related to each other at all.

Did deion sanders wear baseball gloves in football?

No, Deion Sanders did not wear baseball gloves while in football. I was the head of Accessory product Development at the time and he wore specially made football gloves. Most of the gloves made for Deion were "Tactified" and often had special embossing and or debossing on the leather. Much like his baseball gloves, we often used some very colorful leather and other materials to make the gloves very flashy and special for him.

What is the other type of football game besides flag and tackle?

Touch Football

Is there any other football films besides goal?

soccer mum!

What do they call football in other countries besides the US?

Football is commonly termed "American Football" in other countries. Most countries refer to football as soccer. American Football thus clarifies which sport they are actually talking about.

What other sports did Isiah thomas play?

Besides Basketball he played Football.

Did Torres play any other sport besides football?

NO BY Lil Charles

Do any other countries besides the USA play American football?

I know Canada has an American football league but i don't know about any other country

Besides baseball what are other popalar sports in Arizona?

lacrosse and football are two that i know of

Why is football players treated better than other hader working players in other sports?

America loves football more than any other sport, besides they don't get paid as much.

What is Selena Gomez' favorite football team?

Philadelphia Eagles this is her other besides dallas cowboys

Which sports are featured on the Football365 website besides Football?

The Football365 website covers football exclusively. It covers many different leagues, and news stories with a football theme, but no other sports are covered by its content.

What other sports item did dr James naismith invent besides basketball?

Nothing but he did invent the first football helmet

Where did Derek Jeter play in the Eastern League?

Albany NY in 1995 for the "AA" Albany-Colonie Yankees, Heritage Park Colonie NY Other Alumni : Deion Sanders, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Doug Drabek....

Deion Sanders and what other player left San Fran 49er's to play on Dallas Cowboys?

Defensive end Charles Haley left the 49ers after winning two Super Bowl rings in San Francisco. He won three more with the Cowboys from 1992 to 1995.

What other country besides America and Canada is football played?

japan is another place football is played (well that's they told me on the internet I don't know really know for sure)

Who plays other football games in the Rose Bowl stadium besides the Rose Bowl and BCS championship game?

soccer teams

In webkinz do you get any other sport uniform besides the baseball one?

Yes, the blue football jersey sold at kinzstyle outlet.

What are the similarities between football and soccer?

If you are referring to American football, then not much besides that there and players and a ball, Soccer in most other countries is aside from America is called football or futball. Soccer and football are similar in that they are both sports that are played outdoors and require players to chase balls.

Which pro athlete hit home run and scored touchdown in the same week in 1989?

If the week is considered to begin on Sunday, it never happened. Deion Sanders hit a homer on Monday for the Yankees and returned a punt for a touchdown the following Sunday for the Falcons, thus within a week of each other.

In football are you considered down when your hand touches the ground?

No. They are down when any other part of the body hits the ground besides a players' hands or feet.

What other sports did Barry Sanders play?


What other fantasy leagues does ESPN offer besides football?

Other fantasy leagues that ESPN offers are basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, champions, premier, including basically any other major sport played.

What events are held in Cowboys Stadium besides football games?

The Cowboys Stadium is host to many types of events, from football to basketball to other sporting endeavors, Music gigs from Taylor Swift , Blues Bands and Operas from Puccini.

What other kinds of cards exist besides baseball?

football,golf,basketball,nascar,Pokemon,star wars,hockey,wrestling,and old Elvis Presley cards