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Baseball, football, and any other sport.

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Q: What sport would you use steroids in?
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What are the legal drugs you can use in sport?


Did LeBron James every use steroids?

to be honest prob not, and basketball is not the sport for steroids

Which sport was the first to use steroids?

bowls or maybe lacrosse

Which sport has the most steroids?

Steroids are banned for all sports. Any athlete who is found using steroids to boost his performance is banned from the sport. The one sport where steroids are most commonly used is the sport of professional body building. Here the body builders use steroids under close supervision from trained medical practitioners a.k.a Doctors.

Taint in a sentence?

Steroids have tainted the sport of baseball. Steroids have tainted the sport of baseball.

What are the causes of steroid use?

Usually thinking you are not very good at a sport or thinking that you are so good but you would be better if you took steroids.

What is a sport drug?


What are sport drugs?


Why drugs affect you in sport?


In sport what does the use of steroids do?

The use of steroids in sport increases muscle growth, which can aid in endurance and strength. they give the user a strong increase in muscle content, with no apparent effort on their part. Some steroids, known as Anabolic steroids, are banned by most major sports organisations and are illegal outside of medical use, which is why the better steroids are only available in the 'Black Market'. Steroids can lead to many extravagant side-effects, such as damaged, low-pitched or croaky voices to loss of hair or balding.

Is it ok to use steroids?

"Steroids" is a drug. Like many drugs, if used in a right way, it can help your body. For example, your doctor may prescribe you to use steroids for a period of time after having a bad accident to help you heal. However, your question is probably talking about the usage of steroids in Professional Sports. If this is the case, it is illegal to use steroids in professional sports like Major League Baseball. Also, most people would not be "OK" with the decision to use steroids with the intent of making yourself better at a sport.

Are steroids legal in bodybuilding?

Steroids are not legal in any sport. In fact, anyone caught on steroids could be prosecuted.

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