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no he didn't

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Q: Did Phil kessel play any other sports besides hockey?
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What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?

Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

What other sports besides soccer do they play in Spain?

Pretty much all sports except for ice hockey, and a few less-known sports, specially in the Catalonian and Basque regions.

Any other sports invented in Germany besides ice hockey?

Germany did not invent ice hockey... It was invented by the native Americans of Canada, who played a game called shinny that later developed into ice hockey.

What other sports did Stephanie Rice played?


What other sports besides soccer do people in Egypt play?

they play alot of other sports

What sports do they play in Ontario?

Hockey and lacrosse. They also play other sports too.

What other sports are related to math?

# football,ice hockey,roller hockey, and i think soccer.

What sports does Saskatchewan have?

Hockey, Canadian football, lacrosse, skiing, snowmobiling and many other sports.

Which sports are better in 2010?

I think Cricket, hockey, football, tennis and many other sports.

What other sports are there apart from football net ball soccer and badminton?

There are many sports like rugby, hockey, tennis, badminton, ice hockey.

Is ice hockey only played in India?

No. It is played in other places besides India. Canada is famous for ice hockey.

What sports did Wayne Gretzky play other than hockey?


Did Mario Lemieux play other sports before hockey?


Does Sidney Crosby play any other sports than hockey?

It has not been said that he plays any other sports, but right this moment he jut plays hockey cause that's his job

Where is the best place to buy skates?

The Sports Authority, Hockey Giant and other reputable hockey equipment retailers.

What other sports did obama play besides basketball?

golf and baseball

Are there any other sports that are popular?

hockey is vary popular in the northern states

What sports make a lot of money?

Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and other famous sports are worth a lot of money.

How does field hockey relate to hockey?

Hockey refers to a family of sports, all of which involve two teams playing each other, using sticks to propel a ball or puck into the opponent's goal. Field hockey is one of those sports, in which teams of 11 play on a turf with J shaped sticks, a small hard ball around 73mm (2.9in) in diameter. Outside North America, field hockey is shortened to "hockey", therefore blurring the distinction. Other hockey sports include ice hockey (referred to as "hockey" in North America) and roller hockey.

Does Harvard have sports teams?

Harvard has several sports teams such as water polo and football. Other sports are golfing, field hockey, and basketball.

What does Easton sell other than softball bats?

Easton sell many other products besides softball bats. They supply all equipment and accessories for other sports like baseball, hockey and lacrosse and offer free shipping online.

What is difference between hockey and all other sports?

In Hockey, the players are allowed to fight and beat each other ip. Its part of the game. No other sport allows any of that.

What other sports did Isiah thomas play?

Besides Basketball he played Football.

What other sports do they play besides soccer in Mexico?

They play baseball too

What are some Russian sports?

It is believed hockey possibly started in Russia. Otherwise, there are no other major sports that came from Russia.