What other sports besides soccer do people in Egypt play?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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they play alot of other sports

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Q: What other sports besides soccer do people in Egypt play?
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What sports do people in Egypt play?

People in Egypt mainly play soccer!!

What is Egypt's sports?

it is soccer

What sports were there in ancient Egypt?

soccer i think

What is some of Egypt's sports?


Is soccer one of Egypt's main sports?

yes its is "one" of the main sports.

What are the main sports they play in Egypt?

Soccer, polo, cricket.

Answer this asap it's for a project what sports does Egypt play?

Football (soccer)

Does Egypt play sports?

they do play sports...they play soccer which is call football. They also play basketball.

What are Egypts major sports?

I Would Guess Soccer I Mean Like I Guess. :D

What are the sports in Egypt today?

Football (as in soccer) is the most popular. Other sports are basketball, handball, squash and tennis.

What is the official sport of Egypt?

The famous sport of Egypt was javelin throw. Cave paintings were found in ancient parts of Egypt proving that.

What year did sports come out?

Caveman times, they used big rocks for sports such as soccer and baseball, later on with more advanced technology in ancient egypt also had a form of bowling.