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Q: Deliberate handball what free kick would be given in football?
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Is handball Ireland's national sport?

No. Gaelic Football and Hurling would be Ireland's two national sports. Handball is a sport in Ireland, but not the national sport.

What type of games do the Irish play?

Hurling, the fastest field-sport in the world, and Gaelic football. They invented rounders, which would become baseball, and handball.

Which word is the oppsit of expected or deliberate?

Opposite of expected would be unexpected, surprising. Opposite of deliberate would be accidental, randomly.

What are France's favourite sports and games?

The most popular sport to watch in France is Football. Other sports include: handball, basketball, rugby union, cycling, sailing, and tennis. But the most popular would have to be football. glad I could help. -Jessica Mason

Why was handball invented?

it was made because without it there would not be a way of making a penalty in soccer

If people have a problem with Americans calling soccer its name then why don't the football purists call their sport kickball?

The sport of football has been called football long before american football was introduced. Why should people who are used to calling there sport football for generations have to change the name. I belive many fans would be against a name change of their sports on both sides of the Atlantic and we have to learn to live with the way the sports are named in different countries. Football is the official name for soccer. Soccer comes from association football. Only in the USA and canada do they say soccer. The global name for football is of course football. The global name for american football is gridiron. Gridiron is a code of handball and not football. Football is a sport where players control the ball with their feet and only football does this. Football has been played for many centuries but had no official rules. The british created rules for football in 1848. After that many codes of handball arose including rugger and gridiron, none of which are codes of football. Americans will have to change their activity to gridiron as the official name.

Is it a yellow card when there is a handball?

Not automatically, no. Deliberate handling is a direct free kick (or PK) offense. If done very blatantly, as a tactical foul, then a caution would be warranted. If done to deny an opponent a goal-scoring opportunity, then a send off would be warranted. BTW: The Algerian player was a classic tactical situation described above. That was his second caution of the match.

What is Chinese Handball?

Chinese handball is a form of American handball. Different variations are played around the world. Its defining feature is that, unlike traditional handball, in Chinese or indirect handball, for a shot to be valid, the ball must hit the ground before it hits the wall. It would seem that this game, or mini variants of it, were highly popular almost worldwide in the 1950s, 1960's and 1970's. Another similar variation of the game is Wallball. (taken from Wikipedia)

Is there a advantage play when a hand ball occurrs in the penalty box?

Generally not as it has normally stopped the goalscoring opportunity and many players do stop to appeal for a penalty to the referee. Advantage can be played but the only way this would help would be if the attacking team had already put the ball in the net or if it presented a player with an open goal, however the defender is still liable to punishment if it was deliberate handball

Why can't you use your hands in Football?

: the players can touch the ball , just the goalkeeper because it would be a hand ball. It's too easy if permit to use your hands. but the goalkeeper must be in the penalty box to grab the ball with his hands or else... it will be considered handball

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

What sport would a Norwegian be good at?

The answer would probably be one of the winter sports. Example: skiing The Norwegians are also very good at handball.

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