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5 billion a year

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Q: Critiano ronaldo salary per week at real Madrid?
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How much did christiano ronaldo salary weekly?

Christiano Ronaldo weekly salary at Real Madrid is 250,000 pounds a week.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo salary at Real Madrid?

200,000 per week

Cristiano ronaldo salary per week at real madrid?

Christiano Ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a week.

How much is ronaldo arning in real Madrid?

It said it is 200,000 pounds a week as salary.

How much did real Madrid sign ronaldo for?

Real Madrid signed Ronaldo from Manchester United for 80 million pounds in 2009.His weekly salary is 200, 000 pounds, so it is reported.

Is ronaldo going to real Madrid?

Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid for 80 Million

How much will Cristiano ronaldo will b earning at real Madrid?

Today Christiano Ronaldo earns 200,000 pounds a week as a salary.

What is the Nationality of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo?

The nationality of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese.

Who will win real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Real Madrid is the better side because they have a better forward. Barcelona has messi and david villa and Pedro as forward. Pedro is not a good footballer and so messi and villa has to work very hard while on Madrid the forward is ronaldo which is good, higuain, which is good, ozil, which is good.

What is the highest salary paid in football?

Christiano Ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a weeek at Real Madrid.

Does ronaldo play for real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo now plays for Real Madrid, wearing the No. 9.

When did ronaldo join real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009.

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