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Today Christiano Ronaldo earns 200,000 pounds a week as a salary.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-23 15:20:29
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Q: How much will Cristiano ronaldo will b earning at real Madrid?
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How much did ronaldo's get paid in real madrid?

cristiano ronaldo

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo get paid at real Madrid?

Cristiano ronaldo gets payed 200,000 a week

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo get pain a week in Scotland?

Cristiano Ronaldo does not play in Scotland, he plays in Spain (Real Madrid) :)

How much money did real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano ronaldo makes over 1.00.0000 million dollars a game

Who is the richest Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is Christiano Ronaldo who is paid much more at Real Madrid.

How much did real Madrid pay for Cristiano Ronaldo?

5 Millones De Dolares

How much did real Madrid pay for Cristiano rinaldo?

Real Madrid paid Manchester united 80 million pounds, for Christiano ronaldo.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

i love Cristiano so very much and im a huge fan of him, hes my hero!!! and yes he moved to real Madrid, sadly.. but i still love him and im gonna be a real Madrid fan ;D!!!

How much do real Madrid pay Christiano Ronaldo?

I Think you mean Cristiano Ronaldo, and they paid Manchester United £80 million and his contract it £11 million per year.

How much does Manchester United pay for Ronaldo?

Manchester United paid £12.24 million pounds for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003. He was sold to Real Madrid in 2009 for £80 million.

How much did real Madrid pay to buy Cronaldo?

If it's Cristiano Ronaldo your after then it's £80 million But if it's Ronaldo for Brazil then it's £33.5 million hope that's useful

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo get a week?

cristiano ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a week! which is like 2,00,00,000 (INR)

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