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Christiano Ronaldo is the higyest paid footballer at Real Madrid, he gets a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds. Kaka will be the second highest paid player.

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Q: Who are the highest paid players for real Madrid?
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World classification for highest paid soccer players?

Highest is Zidane from AC Milan to Real Madrid

Who is the highest paid player at Real Madrid?

The highest paid player at Real Madrid is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is the highest paid player at real Madrid football club?

At Real Madrid it is Christiano Ronaldo who gets the highest pay.

Who are the highest paid sports teams?

real Madrid

Who is the world highest paid footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Hala Madrid!

Who is the highest paid footballer in Europe?

it is ricardo kaka of ac milan The Bosnian edit: This is the list of the highest paid soccer players as of 2010. And Kaka plays for Real Madrid, no longer at AC Milan 1 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, £11.3million) <-- Highest paid. 2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona, £10.4million) 3 Lionel Messi (Barcelona, £9.1million) 4 Samuel Eto'o (Internazionale, £9.1million) 5 Kaka (Real Madrid, £8.7million)

Who is the world paid footballer now?

The highest paid footballer is Christiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Who is the most paid in soccer?

The highest paid footballer is Christiano Ronaldo, of Portugal who plays for Real Madrid.

Who pays for real Madrid's players?

Real Madrid have to pay for their players.

Who is the richest football player today?

Kaka(Real Madrid) is the highest paid player.

Who are the Highest paid player in the Spanish La Liga?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid.

How much does raul from the real Madrid get paid?

Goal keeper from real Madrid get paid