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To name a monatomic anion change the suffix of the element's name to

The electron geometry of a water molecule is even though the molecular geometry is bent

Is Dihydrogen monoxide an example of a nonpolar molecule

The number of pairs of electrons in a covalent bond equals the bond order

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Why are aldehydes more reactive towards nucleophiles than ketones

How does an atom become a positive ion

How do humans receive energy from food

Which phrase best describes passive transport

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What are elements and compounds in states of matter

What is true about the molar mass of chlorine gas

If 60.2 grams of Hg combines completely with 24.0 grams of Br to form a compound what is the percent composition of Hg in the compound

What information is needed to calculate the percent composition of a compound

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Q: Considering changes of state why would a spray such as ethyl chloride be used to numb a sports injury?
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Which individual characteristics are not at risk for a sports injury?

All individuals taking part in various sports are prone to different sports injury. Some of the common injury is the calf injury, thigh injury and the hamstring injury.

What causes meniscus conditions?

Damage, usually in the form of a tear, to the menisci can result from degenerative changes associated with advancing age or sports-related injury.

At what point should an injured student see a sports injury professional?

An injured student should see a sports injury professional if rest is not taking care of their injury. You should also see a sports injury professional whenever you have severe pain after working out.

Can anyone give an example of a non consequential injury?

A non consequential injury is an injury that did not occur while playing sports but that effects the way you play and practice for sports. While driving down the road you may be hit by a car and suffer from a spinal injury. This could potentially affect the way you play sports, especially if it is a contact sport but the injury was not caused but the sport itself.

What is a general sports injury?

A concussion

What is adventure sports?

Injury or death.

How are todays sports different from roman sports?

roman sports averagely were deadly and modern sports are rarely a threat over an injury

What distinguishes acute and chronic sports injuries?

The difference between acute and chronic sports injuries relates to the severity of the injury. For example, a torn ACL is often a chronic injury, while a bruised elbow is an acute injury.

How do you improve balance for sports?

to avoid injury and to help performance to avoid injury and to help performance

Who had the worst injury in sports history?

My mom

How did Bill Rancic get his scar on his upper lip?

Sports injury!

How to become a sports trainer?

Sports Trainer: Sports Trainers assist athletes in the prevention of injury and provide initial management of a sports injury. Sports trainers work in a variety of sports and in various sporting environments. Often, the first person to evaluate the nature of an injury isn't the doctor, but a sports trainer. Trainers provide on-the-scene evaluation and assistance. Good trainers try to keep injuries from happening. To do so, they make sure their clients are in top physical condition through strengthening and conditioning exercises and proper nutrition.

Do Amateur athletes compete in sports for the sake of the sports themselves?

Yes and for the fun of it considering they are Amateur athletes and do not get payed.

What is a dysfunctional consequence of sports?

traumatic brain injury

Is the inflammation of a tendon a common sports injury?


What is considered a soft tissue injury in sports?


What is a cause of repetitive stress injury?

Sports and Computers

Where can you file a sports injury claim?

One may file a sports injury claim with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. They provide excellent information online or via the use of their telephone hotline number.

What are the common injuries in sports?

Knee injury, Elbow injury, Hamstring strain, Ankle Sprain and Achilles Tendinitis

6 hazards associated with sports participation?

Head injury, groin injury, bone injury..i only know about three..hope this helps alittle :D

Is swimming one of the best sports?

yes, swimming is one of the best sports. you get the least injuries, you spend the most calories, and it is better for your body in the way, if you have an injury the water pressure on your injury helps. ITS BEAST!

Why is it important to heal from a sports injury?

To prevent future injuries from the injury you just got..... Bones may fuse wrong

Most common sports related injury?

i think it is football.

What sports require specific strength to prevent injury?


What are sports injuries?

An injury you get playing sports, such as sprained ankles or concussions. (see the related link for more)