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Second base.

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Q: Catcher drops a third strike and overthrows first baseball rolls past left field foul pole out of play Where should the batter who struck out be?
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In baseball is it a dropped third strike if the pitcher throws a pitch in the dirt with the count 2-2 and the batter swings and misses and the catcher catches the ball off the dirt on one bounce?

It has to be caught it-the-air first. "Dropped Third Strike" is a misleading term. It should be called the "Uncaught Third Strike". So, if the ball touches the dirt before reaching the catcher, it is indeed a dropped third strike.

If there are no outs and bases are loaded on a drop third strike. What should the catcher do?

Throw the ball back to the pitcher. A batter can not advance on a dropped third if first base is occupied.

Why doesn't a baseball player take first base if he gets hit with the ball?

This rule only applies to the player currently at bat but unless the ball bounced off of something else before hitting the batter, he should take first base if he is hit by the ball. Remember though that the ball can't foul off of the catcher's glove (or anything else for that matter) and then hit the batter. He has to be hit directly by the pitch.

What makes a good baseball batter?

Well, first of all he should be able to run, and he should be able to hit the ball hard

In baseball what is the extra line-box going down the first base line and what is the ruling for a batter-runner going to first base Does he have to stay within that box?

That extra line creates a "running box". When a batter puts the ball in play, while running to first base he must run in that box until reaching first. If not, he may be called for interferrence should a fielder, usually the catcher, throw to first and hit the batter/runner if he is outside the box in fair or foul territory.

Who covers second base on a throw down from the catcher?

It depends on the arm of the catcher and whether the batter is left-handed or right-handed.OpinionI know a lot of people are taught and as a coach I always go with 2 things, 1. is the batter righty/lefty 2. are we pitching inside outside --- with this information you will be able to tell if he should "slap the ball" the other way or pull the ball in case of a hit and run or batter swinging away. The last thing the defensive team wants to do is create a hole on the side of the infield you are "pitching to" -----tigersy2k3

A batter has 2 strikes he can foul off many pitches even when the pitcher keeps pitching strikes the batter cant hit in bounds the pitcher gets penlized should de 2strikes than 2fouls he is out?

No, why should the batter be penalized for "staying alive" by fouling off pitches. The classic confrontation between pitcher and batter is the heart of baseball.

Do baseball players wear jocks with a cup?

They should, and the catcher normally does. It's usually a safety rule for catchers in High School and college sports.

When the ball is bunted down the first base line who should field the ball?

it depends on where it is. if it is near home plate the catcher should get it. if it is closer to the pitchers mound than the catcher than the catcher should get it. you should call the other guy off if you are getting it so there will be no confusion on who is getting it.

What does a catcher do in baseball?

The catcher is the position of the man who sits behind home-plate. He wears gear consisting of a cup, chest guard, mask, and leg protectors. The catcher also has a specific type of mitt made just for catching. The main role of the catcher is to call the pitches the pitcher should throw and catch them once they have been thrown. For example, is the catcher gives the number 2 and points to the side, that is a signal for the pitcher to throw a two-seam fastball and to have it off to the selected side (those signals do vary by team). I hope this helps. Any other questions related to baseball, just ask.

Do you think it's fair not to play a LEFTY catcher just because she's left handed. and one of the best catchers around?

Starting a lefty catcher does have disadvantages. She will have a harder time throwing out runners at third because she will have to clear the batter and then turn her body to throw. A right handed catcher can just clear the batter and already be in a good throwing position. Also, on a play at the plate lefties have to backhand the tag, which is very hard and often umpires have harder times seeing that type of tag being applied. If the girl you are talking about is the best catcher on the team, then she should start. But if there is an equal player in a right hander, it makes more sense to start her.

Is there a rule in the Major League Baseball rule book that allows a catcher to block home plate?

Yes. In Rule 7.06 of the MLB Rulebook it states: " The catcher, without the ball in his possession, has no right to block the pathway of the runner attempting to score. The base line belongs to the runner and the catcher should be there only when he is fielding a ball or when he already has the ball in his hand."

What is the catchers position in softball?

The catcher crouches behind home plate. They are usually about 1 1/2 to 2 feet behind the plate. The umpire will stand behind them in most cases, and the batter will stand at the plate in front of them. Catchers have to catch the pitches if the batter doesnt hit it. If the hit was didn't go very far or was a baunt, the catcher MIGHT have to grab the ball and throw to third, first, or home (where ever the play is). If it is best to throw home, the pitcher should be covering.

Should a softball catcher throw to second from her knees?

If the catcher has a good enough arm to, then yes. It is the fastest way.

In baseball what happens if a batter inadvertantly kicks the baseball while running to first base?

If he is running outside the baseline as he legally should, it's a foul ball. If he happens to be in the field of play he's out.

Who is the leader of the team in softball?

Usually the seniors of the team step up during game but as for positioning on the field I believe the catcher should lead the team and control the pace of the game. She's the person that can see everything and knows each batter well. She's in charge of positioning each player on the field per batter and asks for the pitch from the pitcher.

When does a baseball occurs?

A ball occurs when the pitcher throws a pitch outside the strike zone and the batter does not swing at it. Should this occur four times during a plate appearance, the batter is allowed to advance to first base on what is called a base on balls, or walk.

What is a quality strike in baseball?

Locating a pitch just on the corner or making the batter swing at pitches he shouldn't should be quality strikes, but it depends on opinion.

What position should you play in softball if you are a beginner?


I am left handed and my team needs a catcher so should i play catcher for my amateur baseball team?

Left-handed catchers are rare but not unheard of. You'll have to order a glove online because most sporting goods stores only keep right-handed gloves in stock...I'd go for it. You might be great!

What is baseball pass?

Are you perhaps referring to a "passed ball"? If a pitch gets past the catcher allowing a runner to advance one or more bases then the official scorekeeper has to make a decision. If he/she rules that the catcher should have been able to catch or stop the pitch but did not then the ruling is that the error was made by the catcher and it is a "passed ball". If the scorekeeper rules that the fault lies instead with the pitcher then it is ruled a "wild pitch".

Why should you cream your cake batter before baking?

You should cream your cake batter before mixing because it makes the batter creamier and tastier for most people anyway!

When was Catcher in the Rye banned?

It was banned never and should not be banned

Baseball when does a ball occur?

A ball occurs when the pitcher throws a pitch outside the strike zone and the batter does not swing at it. Should this occur four times during a plate appearance, the batter is allowed to advance to first base on what is called a base on balls, or walk.

What is the distance from shortstop to 1st on a Major League Baseball field?

We are able to calculate the distance between bases, pitcher's mound, pitcher's rubber, home plate, catcher's box, batter's boxes, on-deck circles, coach's boxes, foul lines, etc.. However, there are no rules stating where the average fielder should stand. Shortstop is a fielder's position, not a specific boundary on the field, so there is no way to measure this distance.