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No, why should the batter be penalized for "staying alive" by fouling off pitches. The classic confrontation between pitcher and batter is the heart of Baseball.

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2007-06-04 16:44:35
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Q: A batter has 2 strikes he can foul off many pitches even when the pitcher keeps pitching strikes the batter cant hit in bounds the pitcher gets penlized should de 2strikes than 2fouls he is out?
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Is the word pitcher of the baseball kind a verb?

No, the word 'pitcher' is a word for the person who pitches the ball; a noun.The verb forms are: pitch, pitches, pitching, pitched.

Is the word pitcher off of the baseball pitchers a verb?

Pitcher is noun.Pitch is a verb. Forms are - pitch / pitches / pitched / pitching

Do catchers call the pitches in MLB?

Some catchers are allowed more leeway to call pitches by their managers than others. But usually pitches are called by the manager or pitching coach and relayed to the pitcher by the catcher.

Why does an incoming pitcher get only 8 warm up pitches?

an incoming pitcher only gets 8 warm up pitches to keep the game going and to let him get use to the pitching mound. it use to be 12 but it took to long

Pitcher for Tampa Bay that pitches off the ground?

I think you are talking about Chad Bradford. I have to tell he does not pitch of the ground, although his pitching style is unusual. He is a submarine pitcher.

What does pitching out of the wind up mean?

It's when the 2nd baseman comes up behind the pitcher and winds up the key on his back before he pitches.

What is the smallest number of pitches that a pitcher can pitch and still come away with a complete game?

27 pitches. If a pitcher can get every batter out with one pitch then the total amount of pitches for the game for that pitcher will be 27.

What is is pitcher?

A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

What is a pitcher?

A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

How many warm-up pitches does a re-entering pitcher get?

5 pitches.

Most pitches thrown in a game?

683 pitches is the most thrown a pitcher lol

When in the act of pitching to home plate the pitcher suddenly pitches to first base is that a balk?

Yes that is a balk. If a pitcher makes any movement that is naturally associated with his pitch home, he must deliver a pitch to home, otherwise his movement is a balk. Even if he started his pitching motion to home and then stopped, witout throwing to first, it would be a balk. ---------- However, standing on the mound with the pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber is not "in the act of pitching," and from that position, before he starts his pitching motion, the pitcher can throw to 1B without it being a balk.

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