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No , the Knight can , as any Chess piece , only capture the square upon which it lands .

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Q: Can you wipe out the king and queen at the same time with a knight in chess?
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What pieces do you use in American chess?

'American' chess uses the same pieces as modern international chess. The pieces are King, Queen (archaically known as the Minister), Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn. Each player gets 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, and 8 Pawns.

Can the queen move the same way as the knight in chess?

No, it either moves along files and ranks or in diagonals.

Is it possible to checkmate someone with just a knight?

No. A Knight with only a king cannot checkmate the other King, even if that King has no other pieces. Under the official rules of chess when a game comes down to one player having only a King and the other player having only a King and a Knight, the game is automatically a draw. The same goes for a King and a Bishop against a lone King. This is why the Knight and Bishop are referred to as "minor pieces" while the Queen and Rook are "major pieces." A King and Queen or a King and Rook are able to checkmate a lone King.

How do you get a checkmate with a king and a queen v.s. a single king in chess?

By pinning the king along the edge of the board. You want your king on the same rank or file as the king with one space in between. Then all you have to do is get your queen in between the kings. Checkmate.

What happens when a knight reaches the other side of the chess board?

The Knight , unlike a pawn , remains the same whereas a Pawn can be promoted to any piece other than the King upon reaching the last rank .

Are a king And Queen the same?

No. A king is a Guy and a Queen is a girl

Can two chess pieces be moved at the same time?

Yes, in one very specific situation called Castling. If the King has not moved, and a Rook has not moved, then if the intervening pieces (Knight, Bishop, Queen) have moved out of the way, then you may protectively castle the king by moving him two squares on his side or three on the queen's, and moving the rook two to the left or right as appropriate to defend him.

What can the king capture?

In chess, a king can capture any other piece except another king. Getting next to a the opposing king puts you in check because it allows your king to be taken first losing the game. Moving next to the opposing queen is the same situation unless the queen moves next to the king as some sort of sacrifice ploy.

What is the link between Canada and Great Britain?

britains king/queen is the same king/queen in canada (britain and canada have same king/queen

Why is there a king and a queen in chess?

The pieces in chess all represent opposing kingdoms as would have been involved in wars of the distant past. The rooks (chariots), knights, bishops, and pawns represent the allied forces within a realm. In some early forms of chess, the queen was actually a weak piece with the same movement as the king. Later changes in the rules of movement made her the most powerful of the pieces. The queen can move in the same manner as do rooks and bishops. This makes her powerful in attacks. But like all the other pieces, she is still used to protect the king.

Do pieces of chess have common features?

The queen can do the same moves as a bishop and a rook.

How are the chess pieces put on the board?

Take sure that a white square is in the lower right of the board first. Then place a rook (a.k.a. castle) in that square. On the adjacent black square next to the rook, place a knight, next to that a bishop, then, if you are playing as white, place the king, or if you are playing as black, place your queen. Remember, the queen always is placed on the same color as you are playing. (The black queen on a black square, and the white on white.) Then place the white king next to the white queen, and the black king next to the black queen. Complete the back row with bishop, knight, then rook. On the second row place all eight pawns. Go to the link for help.

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