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Yes you can. It is recommended that you seek medical advise first though, and if you get given the go-ahead, then start slowly, using a run-jog approach. Do not try to do too much too soon. I advise using a beginners running plan that you can find online.

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It is never to late to start jogging, although I'd recommend for a person of any age that they get there heart checked out by a doctor just to make sure you have the all clear. I'd suggest starting out with small runs done at a steady pace and eventually build up your endurance. Remember there are elite marathon runners who are over 60.

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Q: Can you start jogging at the age of 60?
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Which heart rate shows that the person starts jogging?

your question is unanswerable in that no heart rate indicates jogging. what you need to do is take a resting heart rate then start jogging until you get to a target heart rate, like 100 or 120 or whatever is appropriate for your age.

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To start jogging you should have these supplies:A decent pair of running or training shoes...Loose clothing or sweats...An iPod with music that keeps you pumped... (optional)A GOOD ATTITUDE!That is basically all you need! So get out there and start jogging!

How do you start jogging?

you start moving at a pace in between walking and running

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Yes it does so get up and start jogging.

Can jogging improve the shape of your hips?

Technically yes. When you are jogging, your leg muscles will start strengthening and if you are overweight, it can lead to weight loss. This by itself will shape your hips, although it is not the most efficient way to shape your hips. If you combine jogging with weightlifting, then you will start seeing your hips shape up!

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No you don't, jogging is for everyone of all sorts of sizes and athletic capabilities. Jogging is an excellent way to get a head start to becoming more healthy!