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Table Tennis features a continuous scoring system. This means that you can score points when it is your opponents serve.

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Q: Can you score a point in table tennis if it is not your serve?
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How does a team score points during volleyball game?

each serve has one point as in table tennis........

How many fouls allowed in serve at table tennis?

None. If you foul serve, you lose the point.

What do table tennis players say when they win a point?

"yes!" then say the score and move on.

What is a let in table tennis?

Taking the point over after a net serve or stopping the point due to disturbaces

What is love in a table tennis score?


When do you get a second serve in table tennis?

When the first serve is a let.

How many service faults can you have in a game of table tennis?

As soon as the server deliberately throws the ball up to serve, the ball is in play. So if you do not hit the ball or you do not serve within the rules of table tennis, the server loses the point. So there is no limit to how many faults you can have in table tennis.

Is bang a point in table tennis?

point is a point but point is a point

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

Is there a second serve in ping pong?

yes you get two serves in table tennis and tennis

How do you score table tennis?

To get a point in table you either have to hit the ball in and the other opponent doesn't hit it or the other person hits it and without the ball bouncing on the table, the ball doesn't hit the table.Hope this helped!Enjoy your played-correctly table tennis!

How do you serve in table tennis?

you throw the ball in the air and hit it

Who holds fastest table tennis serve?

Aaron Savannah

Is an overhead serve allowed in table tennis?

No, you have to either do a backhand or forehand serve behind the table and the ball has to bounce on both sides of the table.

How do you know whos serve it is in Table Tennis?

the last person to xcore takes a serve

What are all the sports where you serve a ball?

Tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball.

What technology do table tennis use?

there is no technology maybe score board

Can hand touch the table in table tennis?

No, if it does it is a point to the other player.

What are the basic skills in playing table tennis?

Serve,spin and chop

How do you score in table tennis?

In table tennis, you score if one of 5 things happens. 1. Your opponent hits the ball out (off the table). 2. Your opponent does not hit the ball over the net. 3. Your opponent hits the ball before it bounces. 4. Your opponent does not hit the ball if it bounces twice. 5. Your opponent does not serve the right way after 2 tries.

How many points does the winner of a table tennis match have to score?

The player has to score 6 points to win

In table tennis what does one player have to score to win the game?

A game of table tennis is the first player to score 11 points. However if the score reaches 10 points each, a player must then win by two clear points.

What is a good strategy when making a table tennis serve?

A good strategy for a table tennis serve is to put top, back, or side spin on the ball and then place this shot towards the corners of the tabe in order to make the opponent reach for the serve.

Are you allowed to serve both sides of the line in table tennis?

In singles you can serve to any part of the table. In doubles you can only serve to/from the right court. If the ball touches the line, it is in.

What is a ghost serve?

It's a serve in table tennis. you start to serve with the rubber for forehand (red) pointing at you. Throw up the ball and move the bat parallel to the end of the table (with the rubber the same way). bring it back to you at speed, but flick your wrist to point at the target. NOTE: there are many variations of this serve