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In professional tennis, there are line judges for that.

In non-professional tennis, however, a server can call his or her own serve out. Most do not because it is a point against them, even though the opponent thought the serve was in.

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It is the obligation of a server to announce the game score prior to the start of each point In a game during an unofficiated tennis match. The server normally announces his or her score before announcing the score of the receiver. The game count is announced by the server prior to the start of the first point of a new game. The set score is announced by the server prior to the the start of the first point in the first game of each new set. The server can discuss these scores with the receiver and the receiver can dispute the scores. It is up to the server to call the score correctly. The announcement of the score as made by the server after each point of a game is supposed to be final. Any dispute should be taken up with the persons in charge during tournament play.

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Q: Can tennis server call his own serve out?
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What is the impact or effect of breaking service in tennis?

In tennis it is assumed that it will be easier to score points on one's own serve because you can get an ace and also dictate the point. To "break" your opponent's serve means that you have beaten him/her on their own serve. When you break serve you go up an additional game towards winning the set and your opponent must "break back" to even up the number of games won in the set.

What is the best follow through for a tennis serve?

There is no "best" follow-through for a tennis serve, as every person has there own particular style and capabilities. However, generally speaking, the most commonly taught method is to bring the racquet arm down in a full arc striking the ball slightly in front of and to the far side of the racquet arm, with the ball meeting the middle of the racquet's strings when the top of the racquet is as high as the server can reasonably reach, in order to get the most leverage and momentum against the ball. Afterwards, the momentum of the racquet arm may be either down and to the opposite side of the server's body (i.e., to the left if the server is right-handed, or vice-versa), or straight down along the same side of the server's body (i.e., to the right if the server is right-handed). Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, including changes in momentum, speed, and spin, but, again, comfort and style come into play as well.

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Losing your serve is when you lose the game in which you were serving, it is said the oppenent (whoever that may be) broke someones (whoever was servings) serve. If you win the game then you held your serve.

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