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No. One at a time.

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Q: Can you score 2 goals at the same time in a hockey game?
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What is an ovetchtrick?

9 goals by one player in the same hockey game.

How are field hockey and lacrosse related?

they are related because there is field lacrosse and field hockey which are both played on fields. The object of the game is the same score the most goals by the end of the game to win. In both sports there is body checking.

Whats a hat trick?

When an hockey player score 3 goals in the same game. The fans throw their hat on the ice to celebrate the event. That why it called an hat trick !

Who are the only two hockey players on the same team same game to score a hattrick?

i dont know dude

Who was the first person to ever get 50 goals in one whole season?

Any 3 goals, or more, scored by the same player in one hockey game is called a hat trick. Unofficially, 6 goals by the same player in one hockey game is called a double hat trick, but is a rarely accomplished feat in professional hockey.

How do you tie in hockey?

Both teams would have to have the same score when the time runs out in either the game or overtime.

What is a mule trick?

In hockey, a Mule Trick is five goals scored by the same player in one game.

How are points scored in hockey?

AnswerYou do not score points in hockey. Each team's score is the number of goals they have been awarded during the game. In field hockey, 'points' are given when you receive a penalty card. Green is worth 1 point, yellow is worth anywhere from 3 to 6 depending, and reds are 12 points. Accumulating 12 points means you get an automatic suspension.Ice hockey does not have an equivalent system; indoor hockey assumably does, based on the same one as field hockey.

What is average combined hockey score?

The average combined score of an NHL regular season game during the 2011-2012 regular season game was 5.32. In the same year, it was 4.837 for the playoffs.

What do you call it when someone gets two hockey goals in the same period?

nothing it's just called 2 goals. if you get 3 in a game that's called a hat-trick.

What is the hat trick in soccer?

If it is the same as Hockey it is when a single player scores three goals himself in the same game and everyone throws their hats on the rink or in this case, field.

Floor hockey is similar to ice hockey and much more -------k- than basketball?

floor hockey is similar to ice hockey with same sized goals

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