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the ASA (air source adaptor) can typically be swapped out for a aftermarket one, there are a few markers out there that the ASA is also the regulator for the marker and these can not be changed out typically

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Q: Can you replace the air adapter on a paintball gun?
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What part keeps your air tank on a paintball gun?

the ASA (air source adapter)

What is the asa on a paintball gun?

stands for Air Source Adapter, its where you screw the tank in

How do you put a small c02 canister on a styker cybrid paintball gun?

you screw the adapter into the gun, and then the co2 cartridge.

What caliber is a PR1500 Air Pump Paintball Gun?

Fifty caliber, but it is more of a toy than a paintball gun.

Can a paintball gun fire without air supply?

no, because the air is what pushes the paintball out off the barrel.

How do you put a spyder stock on a spyder paintball gun?

Disassemble the gun, and replace the back cap with the stock or take it to a paintball store, and ask them to.

What is wrong with your paintball gun if it leaks air a lot?

The o-rings are damaged and are not making a perfect seal. Find which ones are leaking, and replace them.

How Old do you have to be to shoot a paintball gun?

There is no real age set to shoot a paintball gun. You must be 10 to play and 18 to buy most paintball makers, air and balls.

How do fluids under pressure work in a paintball gun?

The fluid, high pressure co2 (or HPA) is let into the gun when the tank is screwed into the Air Source Adapter, it is then stored in the valve, until the valve is opened, then it pushes the paintball out of the barrel when it expands. At the same time, it resets the springs and mechanical components (specifics depend on the gun model) , as the valve shuts and the gun gets ready to fire again.

How do you get gas from a CO2 container to the paintball gun?

Screw it in to the air source adapter, which is located on the bottom of the grips. When it is screwed in all the way, it will push down the pin valve, releasing gas into the gun systems, allowing it to function.

What does air do for a paintball gun?

Air is the source of power for the paintball marker. It is the pressure that moves all of the internal parts (unless electrical) and physically moves the paintball out of the barrel.

Do you use air or co2 with a paintball gun?

It depends on the gun, but "both" is an acceptable answer.

Is a compressed air paintball gun the same as a CO2 paintball gun?

All guns can handle compressed air, but not all guns use co2. Check your owners manual for details.

Do you need co2 for paintball guns?

You need either Co2 or Compressed air for a paintball gun to function. Every gun can run on compressed air, but only some can run on Co2.

What size compressed air tank is needed for a paintball gun?

The sizes 9 oz and all the way up to 20 oz can be used for paintball gun. Some of the paintball guns are supposed to be used by the larger tanks. So the size of tank depends on your paintball gun.

What is the most powerful paintball gun?

Any paintball gun that you can adjust the FPS (feet per second) on can be powerful, because basically, that adjusts how much thrust the air has on the paintball pushing it out of the barrel.

How do you fix a leaky 3 way on a paintball gun?

replace the seals

On paintball guns What do the CO2 Systems do and why do you need them?

On a paintball gun C02, or High pressure air is necessary. It is compressed air that, when the trigger is pulled and the marker fires, propels the paintball out of the barrel.

How do you fill paintball gun from diving cylinder?

You need an adapter (shown in link) then fill like a normal fill station.

Does Wal-Mart fill up air for your paintball gun?

No they can not.

Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?

Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

What is a on off ASA on a paintball gun?

the ASA or Air Source Adapter is the part that connects the Co2/CPA tank to the gun, usually via macroline, and is usually found on the bottom of the grip. an on/off ASA is one that can be turned on and off, to make changing tanks easier.

What are rings in a paintball gun?

O-rings are used in paintball guns to seal off spaces, ensuring that air does not leak from the gun. You typically find an o-ring wherever two pieces of metal connect and air passes through. O-rings are a vital part of the paintball gun but periodically need to be replaced.

How do you make a homemade paintball gun cleaner?

Have a degree in chemistry. Do not put anything in your gun besides air-tool lubricant (for mechanical guns), or actual paintball lube.

On a paintball gun what are eyes?

"Eyes" on a paintball gun are small lasers that detect weather or not a paintball has been dropped from the hopper into the chamber. If the laser is unbroken, then the gun will not fire, even when the trigger is pulled, as not to chop the ball in half, while in mid air by the bolt. If the laser is broken, the gun will fire.