Can you move into check

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No , the rules of Chess prohibits this move .

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Q: Can you move into check
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Can the king move on check?

Yes, the king can move out of check, provided that doing so is a legal move (i.e. does not move into check again). If it cannot and there is no other way to defend the check, then it is mate.

In chess can you move into checkmate?

No. You may not move INTO check. If that is the only move available, it would then depend whether or not you are already in check. If you are in check and cannot move to a square where you are not in check, it is checkmate, the game is over, and you have lost. If you are not in check, but cannot move without going into check, and you have no other piece or pawn that can move, then it is stalemate, and the game is a draw.

Can the king move without check?

Yes, but it can't move into check.

Can you move into checkmate?

It is illegal to move your king into checkmate because that's like the same as moving your king into check, which is not illegal. If they check you, you must go out of check as in game rules. If you go out of check and into check, you must choose a different path and redo that move.

Is it stalemate when the only move you can make to get out of check is next to the other king?

No , it is checkmate since it is an illegal move to move into check .

Can the king move when he is in check?

Yes as long as he isn't in checkmate or he cant move into another check.

King can move without check also?

king can move anytime except INTO check, or checkmate

Can you move your own king into check?

No , the King may not move into check because it is contrary to the rules of chess for a King to expose himself to check .

What when you move a piece that causes your king to be in check?

Uncovering the king and it's exposure to check is an illegal move .

How do you check friendship in Silver?

you have to check the Pokemon in your party and see how much they move and the more they move the more friendship it has with you

What happens when a king cant move in chess but you are not in check?

That entirely depends on the position and whose move it is. If it is your move and you do not have any other pieces that can move, then it is a stalemate and the game is drawn. If you do have other pieces that can move, the game simply keeps going. If it is your opponent's move and he checks you and you cannot block the check, it is checkmate and your opponent wins. If he does not check your king, then the game just goes on.

Are you allowed to move all the pieces in chess while your in check?

No , in keeping with the rules of chess the king must move out of check .

Can I always choose which pawn to move?

When playing chess, you can move any piece you chose - within the rules. Obviously, any piece you move has to be able to make a legal move. Also, if you are in check, your next move must bring you out of check. This means your choice of next moves and which pieces to move is severly restricted. You can also never move a piece in such a way that it puts your king in check.

Why do you check for hazards before commencing a move?

To make sure that you do not move a piece into danger and therefore possibly lose it, or open up a move that will allow for opponent to check or checkmate your king

In chess can you castle when checked?

You can only castle if the king is not in check. Nor, if the move causes the king to move into check while castling.

Can a king put another king in check?

No. A King cannot move in a way that puts itself into check. By trying to put another king in check, it would also be putting itself into check. So it would be an illegal move.

If chess king cannot move without going into check - checkmate or stalemate or draw?

If the king is not currently in check and has nowhere to move without being in check, it is stalemate, which is a draw. However if any other piece of his can make a move (i.e a pawn), then it is not stalemate, and you are forced to move whatever piece can be moved.

Can you put your apponent' s king in check with your own king?

No , the move is an illegal one because the King cannot move into check .

In the game chess can a king move to a square next to another king?

No, a king can never move to a square that is being threatened by an opponents piece. This would result in check, and you can never move your king into check.

How do you checkmate?

you get them in check and they cant block, move, ortake the piece that is forcing you in check

Can you use some other pieces in chess to prevent check?

Yes, if the king is in check, the next move must take the king out of check. You do not necessarily have to move the king, you could take the attacking piece, or block the check by moving a piece in the way.

Can you have your unemployment check if you move in Canada?


What is a check in the game of chess?

When an opponent makes a move that leaves the other's king directly open to being taken on the opponent's next move, that is called 'check'.

What happens when someone says check on your king in chess?

When your king is in check, it means an opposing piece is threatening it - the king is in a position where it 'could' be taken if it were a regular piece. On your next move, you must get the king out of check. You can move the king directly, or move one of your own pieces to block the threat, or capture the piece that has the king in check. Castling to get out of check however is forbidden. If you are unable to get the king out of check, then it is checkmate, you have lost.

When you are in check during a game of chess can you checkmate while not protecting your king?

No. when you come into a check, first move a piece to protect the king or move the king to a secure square."Note that there are three different possible ways to remove a check:Move the king away to a square where he is not in check.Take the piece that gives the check.(In case of a check, given by a rook, bishop or queen: ) move a piece between the checking piece and the king."