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Yes, you can mark the ball with a tee - but only to identify it, you must not clean the ball and then you must replace the ball (exactly where it was) and create the same lie (so if it was buried, bury it again).

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Q: Can you mark your ball in a sand hazard to identify it?
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Can you drop a ball in a hazard if it is lying in vehicle track marks?

This question requires more there are different types of "hazards" that can be involved. For instance, a sand trap is a hazard, and the ball must be played "as it lies", without being touched or moved, even if it is in a tire mark or footprint. If a ball is within the marked hazard boundaries such as a swampy area, again the ball must be played as it lies. The player can take relief from the hazard by declaring the ball unplayable, and is subject to a penalty stroke. In any case if a ball is clearly within the marked hazard (red or yellow stakes), the ball must be played as it lies and the club may not be "grounded" prior to taking the stroke. This is why it is important to be courteous to other golfers and repair club and foot marks in a sand trap. If the tire mark is within a "ground under repair" area that is clearly marked, the ball may be lifted and placed within 2 club lengths without penalty.

What club would you use to hit the ball over a small water hazard at a distance of about 70 yards?

sand wedge

What is mean the term hazard?

Hazard is the area of sand or water between the tee and the hole.

In golf what is the American term for a bunker?

Trap or hazard

What is the golf term hazard mean?

Hazard is the area of sand or water between the tee and the hole.

Behind green in sand bunker hit shot into water in front of green were do you place the ball?

You would have to drop the ball one club length from the hazard boundary on the side of the water furthest from the green, because you can not go nearer the hole.

What is a sentence for the word hazard?

Chemicals can be hazardous to the humans or the environment if improperly disposed of.The mountain road was so hazardous that eventually it was closed.Navy divers often receive hazardous duty pay.

The sandy hole hazard in golf is called?

A bunker or sand trap

Can you rack the sand before you hit the ball in the sand?


What object has more gravitational force a marble a tennis ball a bowling ball a sand grain?

sand grain

What is a sand ball?

Could be used to refer to a ball that is in a bunker.

What is another name name for a sand trap in golf?

a bunker or a hazard.