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The answer is a yes and a no you should you should not run you should jog at least 3 to 4 days over 45 minutes...I was jogging everyday over an hour. I had to have surgery on one knee and now possibly on the other knee by next year...and I have a torn ligament on my left hind leg...and do not jog on pavement jog at a park where its like dirt covered with some small rocks... yes it is healthy for you. torn ligaments etc occur when there has been lack of stretching before and after jogging/running therefore tearing the muscles...

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It's pretty good, but should be combined with healthy eating in order to be beneficial. Some peoples eating habits are so bad that no amount of exercise is sufficient.


30 minutes a day is the perfect amount of walking for everyday you may even want to add a 5-10 minute jog on top of that.

If you think you may have a problem sticking with it everyday....try things like this

Listen to music

Have someone take you and drop you off somewhere

Walk with a friend

Just different things to help you walk your 30 minutes

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Depends how healthily you are eating

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yes it is good to jog

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Yes, as a result, jogging 30 minutes a day for a month can help you lose about 2 kg.

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Q: Can you lose weight jogging 30 minutes a day?
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Is it better to jog 8 minutes three times a day or 12 minutes twice a day?

It doesnt really matter because you are jogging the same amount of time. But if you are trying to lose wait 12 minutes would be better because you are getting hotter and burning more body weight

How many minutes of exercise are recommended per day?

AwnserOnly 30 Minutes a Day.An hour To Lose weight.

How much weight can you lose in 2 weeks by doing an exercise DVD for 30 minutes everyday and jogging for 30 minutes most day and also drinking more water?

You need to know how many calories you're consuming, the intensity of your jog and just what the workout video is. Remember that health and weight maintenance requires a lifelong commitment.

Will running 3 minutes a day on the Nintendo Wii help you lose weight?

No it won't

If i do crunches everyday about 90 or 100 crunches per day did i lose fat?

Depends on what you eat. If you really want to lose weight try jogging or walking. Cardio burns more fat.

Como puedo perder peso?

To lose weight and lose belly, changing habits and lifestyle can be very effective, and can help you lose up to 2 kg per week depending on the initial weight. However, for this to happen it is important that the strategies below are followed ://

Is forty minutes a day of aerobics enough to lose weight?

not if its followed by a good eating plan.

How do you lose weight in 5 minutes?

Plain and simply, you can't, and to be honest, you don't deserve to lose weight if you are only willing to put in 5 minutes or so a day. To lose weight you must be dedicated, it requires a complete change of life style, habits and mind set.

If you power walk 7 miles per day will you lose weight?

It depends on what you eat. If you walk 7 miles a day you should. If you don't you should try jogging 7 miles instead.

How much weight will you lose if im jogging or walking for 40-50 mins a day and eating healthy if im 65inches tall and around 60kg and 14years?

If you jog or walk 40 to 50 minutes a day and eating healthy you will lose around three to four pounds a week. A person should try and eat around 2500 calories a week.

How much weight will you lose if you run for fifteen minutes every day?

1 pound 1 pound

How many minutes should be spent jumping rope?

You should at least try 10 or 15 minutes a day.. i guarantee you will lose weight.