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Only if your head is sliding along the ice.

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Under NHL rules, no. This would be considered "high sticking". Angling the blade of your skate to deflect a moving puck into the goal is allowed, but not actively "kicking" it.

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Q: Can you head butt the puck in the goal in NHL?
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How does a goalie score in NHL 07?

If the net is empty have the goalie dump the puck toward the other goal and cross your fingers.

What is the life span of a hockey puck in the NHL?

The average lifespan of an NHL hockey puck is 7 minutes.

Does a NHL goal count if it hits your foot and goes in?

As long as the puck wasn't "kicked" into the net. For Example, if someone hit a slapshot and his teammate was standing right next to the net and the puck hit the teammate's foot, then it would count as a goal.

Does an NHL puck weigh the same as an Olympic puck?


What is the volume of the NHL puck?

the volume of a puck is 9.62115 inches

What is the ruling when a puck is deliberately kicked at a goaltender in the NHL?

A goal that is scored by a distinctive kicking motion by the offensive team is disallowed. I don't think there's any other problems with kicking at the puck.

How does the NHL record their statistics?

There is a point for a goal and assists. There are two assists awarded in hockey for the last two people (on the same team as the scorer) to touch the puck, given the other team did not gain posession in the time between when the scorers teammates had the puck and the scorer scored the goal.

What does a hockey player do when he gets his first nhl goal?

first he celebrate like there's no tomorrow, then he usually goes to retrieve the puck he scored with from the ref

Was the puck always a circle in the NHL?


What was the NHL puck made of in 2003?

Vulcanized Rubber

Who scored the goal in the NHL?

When the phrase "the goal" is used by NHL people, fans and media, two are usually thought of: 1. Bobby Orr's flying through the air goal to win the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins in overtime against the St. Louis Blues on May 10, 1970. 2. Alexander Ovechkin's up-ice rush, then scoring while flat on his back with a behind the head flick at the puck against the Phoenix Coyotes on Jan. 15, 2006.

Can you score a goal in the nhl by repositioning your skate?

Yes, according to Rule 49 of the official rule book. As long as there is no distinct kicking motion, when puck is deflected off of or is directed by an attacking players skate into the net it shall be counted as a goal. The only situations in which a kicking motion is allowed to score a goal is when the puck deflects off of the players own stick or any other players stick (excluding the goalkeeper) after the puck was kicked. See related link for entire rule.