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Q: Does an NHL puck weigh the same as an Olympic puck?
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Is there offside in Olympic hockey?

Yes, there is offsides in Olympic hockey. Olympic rules are basically the same as NHL rules, except for icing. Icing in Olympic hockey is automatically blown down as icing whereas in the NHL, the team that iced the puck must beat the other team to the puck for it not to be icing.

What are the dimensions of a hockey puck?

NHL rules state the puck will be one inch thick and three inches in diameter. The puck should weigh between five and a half and six ounces.

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh?

A standard ice hockey puck weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156-170 g).

What is the life span of a hockey puck in the NHL?

The average lifespan of an NHL hockey puck is 7 minutes.

What is the difference between professional hockey and olympic hockey?

There are a few differences between the two, most having to do with rules: * In Olympic hockey, the rink is longer and wider. * Goaltenders in the NHL are only allowed to play the puck behind the goal line within an octagonal shape marked by a visible line out from the back of the net. Olympic goaltenders can play the puck anywhere behind the net. * In the NHL when a player shoots the puck down the ice from his own half of the center line an opposing player must touch the puck first before icing is called. Olympic hockey uses "no touch" icing which means play is whistled dead as soon as the puck crosses the goal line. * If an Olympic player fights he is ejected from the game, whereas NHL players just serve a 5 minute penalty. These are just a few key examples, as naturally there are other differences. Basically, NHL play is more aggressive while Olympic hockey is more passive and positional.

What is the volume of the NHL puck?

the volume of a puck is 9.62115 inches

Was the puck always a circle in the NHL?


What is the Diameter of a puck in NHL?

Regulation National Hockey League (NHL) pucks are black, 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter, 1 inch (2.54 cm) thick, and weigh 5.5 to 6 oz (154-168 g).

Can you pick up the puck on your stick in NHL 10?


What was the NHL puck made of in 2003?

Vulcanized Rubber

How much does a NHL hockey puck cost?

around $2

How many minutes on the average is the puck in play in the NHL?

60 every game. The clock does not tick without the puck in play.

What is the trapazoid zone for in NHL hockey?

The trapezoid is the only place that the goalies are allowed to play the puck. This is a rule that came into the NHL during the lockout, what it does is it makes the game go faster because the goalie can no longer play the puck outside the trapezoid and freeze it or try to move the puck from there.

What did the 1980 winter games puck look like?

It looked like an ordinary hockey puck you would use in an NHL game.

How many NHL fans have died from being hit with a puck?


What is Thickness of a puck in the NHL?

3 inches diameter, 6 oz

What is the value of an official NHL hockey puck hand signed by Patrik kaleta and Brian holzinger?

The value of the official NHL hock puck hand signed by Patrik Kaleta and Brian Holzinger is between $200 and $300.

What are the dimensions of NHL and olympic hockey rinks?

200' long by 85'wide. All NHL rinks are the same by rule. Olympic ice hockey rinks are 30 meters wide by 60 meters long (98.4 feet by 196.8 feet).

How big is a minor hockey ice rink?

All ice hockey rink dimensions are the same incept for NHL size and Olympic size. NHL- 85 by 200 feet. Olympic- 100 by 200 feet.

How do you call for the puck in EA Sports NHL 11 for the PS3?

R2 I think.

Does a NHL goalie have to drop the puck straight down or can he throw it?

A goalie can throw, kick, pass, bat, or spit out of his mouth if necessary, the puck at anytime while the puck is still active and game is in play.

How many nanometers wide is a regulation hockey puck?

According to the NHL rules, a hockey puck must be 3 inches = 76,200,000 nanometres in diameter.

Is American hockey the same as English hockey?

I'm sorry to say, I'm not sure what English hockey is like, but I can tell you the differences between the NHL and similar leagues (such as the AHL) and international hockey (as is played in the olympics) The primary three differences are: 1) An international hockey rink is wider than an NHL or AHL rink. 2) If the puck is "iced" (cleared down the ice from behind half way, to the area behind the net) in international play, it is immediately called when it crosses the line, while in the NHL, the players can race to the puck, if the team that iced it touches it first, the icing is not called. 3) There is a trapezoid behind the net in the NHL. If the goalie handles the puck behind the net, but outside of the trapezoid, there is a 2 minute penalty for delay of game. There is no such trapezoid in international hockey. These are the main differences between international hockey and the NHL. While this is not a direct answer, if you know whether or not English hockey is played by the same rules as Olympic hockey, this may answer your question.

What is icing the puck in the NHL?

If a team not killing a penalty shoots the puck down the ice from beyond the redline and it does not pass through the goal crease it is considered icing.

What NHL team has the most olympic players on it?

The San Jose Sharks sented 8 of its players to the 2010 Olympic games, the most for any NHL team.