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If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

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Q: Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?
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Why do quarterbacks spiral a football when they throw a pass?

Quarterbacks like to spiral a football when they throw a pass in order to increase their precision and accuracy. This can also help with distance in some cases.

What does football have to do with aerodynamics?

You can throw a football in a regular spiral motion, underhand, or end over end.

How far can Eli Manning throw a football?

60 yards in a game , but he thinks he can throw about 70-80yrds

What is the type of pass called when you throw the football and it flies through the air perfectly without wobbling?

A perfectly thrown football is called a Spiral.

How do you throw a football spiral?

Put your pinky, ring finger, and middle finger on the back half on the laces to grip, flick your wrist a little when you throw to spin it

What is the best way to throw a football?

Turn your hips and flick ur fingers on the ball so itll have a spiral

Does a football go further when you throw it in a spiral?

yes, a football does go faster because it stops the wind from affecting it better than it being thrown wobbly

Which throw is more accurate a wobble throw or a spiral throws?

Spiral can be more accurate.

Does throwing a football with the left or right handed effect a spiral pass?

No it does not. If you throwing it perfect. Alot of things affect a football spiral: If your running or not. If you use all the laces or not. Also If you left handed and throw it with you right hand it going to effect the outcome of a spiral. But if your left handed and throw it with your left its going to increase it. Wind conditions Make an outcome too. So alot of things change the outcome of a sprial or not

Did Brett Favre throw a tight spiral?

Yes, Brett Favre does throw the tight spiral.

How do you make a fake WWE championship spin fast?

Get one of those kid-size belts, wrap it around a football and throw a perfect spiral.

Why does the football spiral?

A football spirals based on the way it is thrown. It will be a perfect spiral if the football is thrown with the spin on the exact axis of the ball.Ê

Does the 50 caliber machine gun have a spiral barrel?

The barrel is straight. However, there are spiral grooves cut on the inside of the barrels. These spiral grooves, called rifling, make the bullet spin when it is fired. Just as a thrown football spins for an accurate throw, the spinning bullet makes for an accurate shot.

Why do football players throw spirals?

It is harder to catch anything less than a spiral, and that you probably wont complete any passes without throwing it that way!

Why is a football oval?

The football was not always oval. A football used to be very round and thrown by slinging it sidearmed, that is until someone found they could throw much more accurately over-hand. The football was then changed shape so it may "spiral" with ease and travel further.

Why do you pass out everytime you throw up?


How can you throw a football further?

im 13 and can throw a ball about 55 yrds, so this is what you do. take your hand and have a tight grip on the football. put your middle finer on the outside of the end lace, and spread your index finger aprat from it [for a better spiral] throw with your legs, the forward momentum wil make the ball go much further, make sure not to throw the ball to high up, for it wont go as far

How does gravity effect how far a football will fly?

It all has to do with gravity and aerodynamics. The law of gravity is what goes up must come down that's the natural right off the bat effect the other factors come with passer ability, wind, spiral on the ball. Easy explanation The more force used to throw a football and the better the spiral the further the ball will go.

Which ball would travel the farthest when you throw it A football basketball tennis ball soccer ball or a softball?

i think a football travels faster because you can throw a spiral and that goes faser

How far can you throw a perfect spiral?

it depends how good you are

What is the posture to throw a football?

You throw a football like you would a baseball.

How do girls throw a football?

The same way that males throw an (American?) football.

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

How do you bowl well?

stay consistant and throw at your mark right everytime

How do you throw a football deep?

The same way you throw a football normally, just with more power.