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Q: Can you fit a 2003 rm 125 motor in a 1997 rm 125 frame?
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Can you fit a yz 125 motor into a yz 85 frame?

yes it can i have done it

Will a yz 250 engine fit in a yz 125 frame?

No a 125 frame is too small to fit a 250 motor but with a cutting torch and a welder anything is possible.

Will a cr125 engine 1997 fit in to a ktm 125 2002 frame?

There may be clearance for the motor to fit in the frame, but you will have to modify the frame to bolt the motor into it. A main concern would be how the back of the motor lines up for the swingarm shaft to go through. Also will the carb intake boot line up with the airbox boot? A lot of questions you wouldn't know until you (or someone else) tries it.

What size motor is in the 1997 SC2 Saturn?

1.9L Dual overhead cam 16 valve 125 hp

How fast is a 1997 rm 125?

A 1997 rm 125 can go around 60mph.

Will a 94 rm 125 engine fit on a 2000 rm frame?

Will a 94 rm 125 engine fit on a 2000 rm frame?

Where is the ignitin box on a 2002 yz 125?

on the frame

Are the yz 125's or kx 125's better?

The yz 125 is better because 2005 and up have An aluminum frame and over all better. The kx 125 is ok but they made an aluminum frame in 2007. I would always go with yamaha

What are the release dates for Sunset Beach - 1997 1-125?

Sunset Beach - 1997 1-125 was released on: USA: 7 July 1997

Can a Suzuki ts 100 frame hold a Suzuki ts 125 engine?

The TS125 engine will fit straight into the TS100 frame. My TS100 has a 125 in it and it rides very well.

Does a 2003 Suzuki Marauder 125 have an auto choke?

Your 2003 Suzuki 125 motorcycle does have an automatic choke. The 2003 Suzuki was not equipped with a manual choke.

Where's the VIN located on a RM-125?

on the gooseneck of the frame