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I don't believe. Having been primarily positioned as a pitcher and having been around the game most of my days, I can't recall a single situation in which I've picked or have seen any one try and pick-off to the short stop. From my understanding you as a pitcher can only pickoff to a designated bag or it be called a balk and the runner will get himself a free bag. If the shortstop is actually covering 2nd base, then I think it be allowed. The idea of fakin a pick to a short stop positioned directly between 3rd and 2ns just doesn't seem rt. to me so I say no.

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Q: Can you fake out a Runner trying to steal second by the pitcher throwing to shortstop?
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Is it a balk if pitcher throws to shortstop to tag runner leading off second base?

It would be a balk. A pitcher cannot throw to a player that is not covering a base.

What is a good time for catchers throw from home to second base?

When the runner on first steals to second base and the pitcher has already pitched the ball, the catcher should throw the ball from home to second to get the runner who is stealing out. ^^^lololol no. Unless the pitcher's throwing a fastball the runner has a good chance of making it.

Runners on 1st and 2nd ball is hit to shortstop the runner from second to third takes three steps off the bag and goes back to second the shortstop tags runner standing on second and then tags bag?

Runner on first is out. Runner on second is safe because he was tagged while standing on second base.

What does a time play mean in baseball mean?

The best example I can give of a 'timed play' is when the pitcher attempts to pick off a runner at second base. The catcher will give a signal, maybe touching his mask or pounding his fist in his glove. This signal means that at the count of two the second baseman or shortstop, whoever has the responsibility of covering the bag, will start moving towards second base and at the count of four, the pitcher will whirl around and throw to second in an attempt to pick off the runner. The pitcher cannot turn around and see that a runner is taking a big lead off of second base and attempt to pick the runner off because the runner will head back to second as soon as he sees the pitcher looking at him. So, a 'timed play' is executed ... the shortstop/second baseman sneaks to the base behind the runner's back in the hope that the runner does not notice and the pitcher suddenly whirls around and throws in the hopes that he catches the base runner off guard.

If the catcher throws to second base when a runner is stealing second and there is no feilder to catch the ball who is the erer on?


What do you call when a pitcher tags the batter and throws ball to second base?

its called a double play. it is the same as if a ball is hit up the middle and the shortstop gets it and gets the runner out at second and then throws to get the guy out at first

If the ball is hit to the pitcher with a runner on first base who covers second base?

Assuming that the hit to the pitcher is a grounder, the shortstop should cover second base, and the second basemen should back-up the throw, so that it doesn't leak into center field. Of course, if the hit is a line-drive or pop-up that is caught by the pitcher, causing an out, the pitcher can throw the ball to the first baseman and get another out, if the runner is caught off that bag.

Can a short stop block 2nd base to pick off a runner if he has already received the ball thrown to him by the pitcher?

Yes the shortstop can block second base to pickoff a runer if he or she already has the ball.

Is there such a call as runner enterference in baseball?

Yes. Most runner interference calls are made on the runner sliding into the second baseman or shortstop to break up a double play.

Who does the pitcher throw to for a double play... second baseman or shortstop?

The pitcher could throw to either the 2nd baseman or the shortstop; but the ideal situation would be the shortstop. The momentum of the shortstop traveling to 2nd leaves him in a better position to make the throw to 1st and complete the double play.

If a runner is going to steal from first base to second base and the pitcher throws the ball to the first baseman can the runner run to second instead of going back to first?

Yes. A runner who is picked off first can instead try to take second. This will often happen on a slow move by a left handed pitcher, where the runner thinks the pitcher is throwing home. Sometimes the runner makes it in this case, in which case it is scored as a stolen base. The first baseman often needs to take a few steps towards the pitcher rather than wait at first base for the ball to arrive in order to have enough time to throw out the runner.

Is it a balk if on pick-off attempt at second base the pitcher throws to the shortstop in normal stationary position and not to the base?

If the pitcher throws directly from the rubber to the shortstop, it is a balk. However, if the pitcher first steps back off the rubber, he can throw anywhere.

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