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No if it is a foul ball or if it hits the fence and you catch it it does not matter you still can play it if it is not foul but if it is foul and you catch it when it hits the fence they just call it a strike.

Actually - you CAN catch a ball off the fence. There is no rule against it, however it will NOT be counted as an out. The fence is part of the field just like the ground. Therefore, if it hits the fence in foul or fair territory, it is played the same as if it had hit the ground before you caught it.

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Q: Can you catch a softball of the fence in softball?
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What is a foul ball considered in softball?

A foul ball is considered a strike in softball if you catch it its an out. but if it bounces of a fence an you catch it its not an out. If it bounces of an that would have been the third stike then its an out

How tall is the outfield fence in fastpitch softball?

The height of an outfield fence in fastpitch softball is generally between 4 and 8 feet.

What the Fence distance for softball?

The most common fence distance in fastpitch softball is 200 ft. However, it can vary from around 190, to 220. There are fields where the corner outfield fences are closer, and the center field fence is further, and vice-versa. In slowpitch softball I believe the fence distance is 300 feet.

Getting pinned in softball?

Getting pinned in softball means to get pinned up in the fence by the other team.

What would be the analogy for cell wall for softball?

The fence

What Softball tips softball drills and anything softball?

Some drills for catching grounders it that you can get a small piece of wood and strap it onto your hand and learn to use two hands to catch the ball.a sliding drill is to get two eggs and go into the the grass and slide and you have to keep the eggs above your head or they will break.And a batting drill is stand next to a fence and swing and if you hit the fence your drop your shoulder.

How far can a softball be hit?

a softball can be hit as far as your body strength can make it fly. if you can hit it over the fence every time, then hit it over the fence. if u can only bunt, then that's fine too.

In softball how deep is the center field fence?

555555555555 million feet

Why is a softball big?

A softball is big because it is easier to see,hit,and catch.

In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch a foul ball in her helmet?

No, in no level of softball or baseball can you use your helment or hat to catch a ball

What is the perimeter of an Olympic softball field?

The perimeter would be the fence around the field. I'm assuming you are asking the distance which is 220 feet for international softball.

How far is it from home plate to the back fence on a softball field?

every field is different. to find out there is always a number on the back fence and that is how many feet it is.

What is the function of a softball?

=The function of a softball is for it to be played in the game, softball. You throw the ball or catch it when someone throws it to you. It's not very hard to learn.=

What are close skills in softball?

i suggest try out for positions that fit you best like for example if you are well balanced and can catch well try out for catcher or pitcher if you can feild a ball well and can catch try out for 1st 2nd or 3rdshort stop is where you stand between 2nd and 3rd and you stop the ball before it goes into the outfield so you have to be a good feilder to play that position and outfeilders are just as well as infielders because you have to be able to catch popflies and stop the ball before it goes to the fence and the runner gets home so that is what i suggest for softball players

If the ball goes over the fence in softball what is it called for the other team?

automatic home run

How do you play women's softball?

you catch and throw a ball

How do you catch a softball?

If you have to ask you probably shouldn't play.

How far is the home run base in softball?

over the fence... and through the woods to grandmothers house we go

What is the distance of the co-ed line on a softball field?

coed line is 200' fence is usually 300'

What happens if you catch a ball at a match?

If your at a baseball or softball game and you catch it in the stands it does not count as a out and you can keep the ball

Why did they take softball out of the Olympics?

Because they said softball and baseball were "too American" to be in the Olympics and that since USA was domintaing in softball then other countries should have time off to "catch up".

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

In softball which hand do players catch with?

It depends if they are right or left handed. If they are right handed, they catch with there left. If they are left handed, they catch with there right.

What is home run in softball?

The home run in softball is the same as in baseball. When the batter hits the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory it is a home run. It is also considered a home run if the batter hits the ball inside the fence and is able to run all the bases and back to home plate before being thrown out.

What can't a base fielder do in softball?

the base fielder cant catch