Can women play baseball

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No but they can make Sandwiches for Baseball players

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Q: Can women play baseball
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Related questions

Did women ever play baseball with men?

No, Women never earned that right, but Women enjoy Softball leagues where Women are free to play.

Do women play baseball?

Of course.

Who are some women baseball players?

there are none: women play softball

Why arent women allowed to play in the Major League Baseball?

There is no rule stating that women can't play MLB.

How was women's baseball affected by World War 2?

baseball was lost because baseball is a mans game and women were horrible at playing it and should never play it again

Did women play league baseball in skirts?

no that's nasty

Why do women play softball and not baseball?

it is a proven fact by jennie finch a USA olympic player that softball is harder to play than baseball.

Why was soft ball invented?

Softtball was derived from the game baseball, this was so women could play as they didnt play baseball. But these days both genders play both games :)

When were women allowed to get involved in baseball?

Women were somewhat allowed in baseball in 1867 when Dolly Vardens became the first woman to play on a professional team for pay. In 1875 fans attended the first official women's baseball game.

How long did it take for women to have the privilige to play softball?

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

What sports did women play in 1940s?

baseball was the major sport played

What time did women baseball start?

Depends on what time it was scheduled to play

Who was the first women to play Major League Baseball?

rosa parks

When did women play in professional baseball leagues?

There was a women's professional baseball league between 1943-1954 called the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Click on the 'AAGPBL' link on this page to go to their website to read the history of women playing professional baseball.

Do girls play baseball too?

Yes women play baseball.

Why do only girls play softball?

cuz boyz get 2 play baseball and women can hit the bigger ball because they are stronger

How softball was formed?

Women were called into play baseball during WWII while all the men were at war. It lasted for six years before all he men. there was another 16 years before something was put together for women to play a baseball like sport. But of course it had to be more equipt for a women's body; that is the reason for the underhand pitching

How did softball originate?

The softball originated for the use of women to play baseball. The ball became bigger and softer so women could hit it easily.

Who was the first woman to play in the national baseball leagues?

Alex Rodriguez.... Just kidding, there is no known women to ever play in the MLB

Can Women play on mens ASA Softball League?

no because that is just with men like in baseball girls cant play and thatll be the same thing

Are women allowed to play in the Major League Baseball?

Yes women are allowed to participate in a Major League Baseball game however no team has ever signed a woman to a deal that would allow women to be signed to a Major League organization and have the chance to be promoted to the bigs.

Why did women play baseball during World War 2?

when the men went off to fight in the war somebody had to take their places in the major the women did it

How many women played major league baseball during World War 2?

None. Women have never played in the Major Leagues. WRONG!!!! I don't know exactly how many women played during World War 2 but they DID play while the men were fighting in the war! Women kept baseball popular!

Can women play professional baseball?

Possibly they can but no woman has ever played in a regular season game for any team.

Why cant women play professional softball?

i think it is dumb that they do not have professional softball teams... they have professional baseball teams!!!