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No, Women never earned that right, but Women enjoy Softball leagues where Women are free to play.

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Q: Did women ever play baseball with men?
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Is tennis played by men and woman?

yes. but women cant play men. women play women and men play men

Is there a difference in men soccer and women soccer?

men play men's soccer and women play women's soccer.

Why is men and women's sport separated?

men and women sports are separated so that women do not play as rough as men play. e.g. rugby or soccer

How long did it take for women to have the privilige to play softball?

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

Did men play women in Shakespeare's plays?

yes, men played women

Why do women play rugby?

Women play rugby to show that they are just as tough as the men who play and women can just as strong as men and just cause they love the sport

Was there any conflict between roman men and women?

have you ever met men and women which are not in conflict??!!

What advantages to men have over women in sport?

Men can play football (woman can but not to often) and baseball as girls play softball. There are many other advantages but that doesn't mean men are better athletes.

Is there a men's and women's version of soccer?

No, men and women generally play on the same teams.

Should women be allowe to play mens lacrosse?

No that is what Women's lacrosse is for as a 5 year lacrosse player I do not suggest women play men's lacrosse. it's called men's lacrosse for a reason. Women's lacrosse isn't for men neither should men's be for women. Lacrosse is an extremely dangerous sport women should play with women.

What sports are in Stanford college?

For Varsity sports: Baseball, Men's and Women's Baseball, Cross Country, Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Men's and Women's golf, Men's and Women's Gymnastics, Women's Lacrosse, Men's and Women's Rowing, Women's Lightweight Rowing, Sailing, Men's and Women's Soccer, Softball, Squash, Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Men's and Women's Tennis, Track &Field, Men's and Women's Volleyball, Men's and Women's Water Polo and Wrestling

What was remarkable about Cool Papa Bell?

Cool Papa is considered to be one of the fastest men to ever play baseball.

What plays did women play men?


What sports does the Purdue University play?

Purdue University plays baseball, football, women's golf, men's golf, cross country, men's swimming and diving, women's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's tennis, track & field, women's volleyball, wrestling and spirit squad.

Will women ever run as fast as men?

they will if there in bed

Can Women play on mens ASA Softball League?

no because that is just with men like in baseball girls cant play and thatll be the same thing

What was the role of women in Shakespeares day?

Women didnt have the same rights as men therfore the men would play the women.

In Shakespeare's plays did men play women?

Yes, men played women because women were apparantly not allowed to act.

Can men only play archery?

Archery is for both men and women

Do more men or women play soccer?

More men by a mile.

How softball was formed?

Women were called into play baseball during WWII while all the men were at war. It lasted for six years before all he men. there was another 16 years before something was put together for women to play a baseball like sport. But of course it had to be more equipt for a women's body; that is the reason for the underhand pitching

Do more men then women play volleyball?

No, there are definitely more women involved in volleyball than men.

Did men or women play the violin in the reniassance time?

Mostly men, but some women played it too.

Why do women play basketball?

the same reason why men play basketball

Who was the person to play the women in Shakespeares play?

Usually men would play the part of women as women hardly had any power during that of an era.