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yes of course what kind of question is that?

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βˆ™ 2011-02-03 14:45:06
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Q: Can kids play football games in the streets?
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Where do people play sports?

in stadiums football pitches courts and possibly kids play on the streets

What games do kids play in Zambia?

Children in Zambia play football, rugby etc.

What do Turkish people do for fun?

They play Games in the streets and they go to the beach and play football or go to the park or go out for dinners

What football games for kids are available online?

Kids love to play all sorts of sports games. There are sports video games that are quite popular too! One online football game that kids enjoy is called FlagBall. It is available as an app.

What do kids in Italy do for fun?

they play on the streets and eat

Where can i find football games for kids?

If you are looking for online football games for kids to play, you can find them at websites such as NFLrush or Candystand. If you are looking to get them into an actual league, you can visit your local newspaper or ask around at their school.

Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

Where can you play football games online?

you play football games online at Mini Clip.

Where can I play football games online?

The website has a variety of sports games, including football games that you can play on your computer for free. is a site geared specifically towards kids and offers many football-themed games. This site also has a helpful filter that allows you to search for games alphabetically, by newest, and by "hottest."

What are good games to play with a football?


Do more kids play baseball or football?

hate to say it but football

How many high school kids play football?

about 10000 kids

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