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soccer, Baseball, football, volleyball, beach, snorkeling, kayaking, and anything you can play outside.

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Q: What activities and games would be awesome to play or do over the summer with kids?
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What summer activities would be good for university students with no summer jobs?

Lots of them

What are the activities you can't do in summer?

If you live somewhere with a snowy winter climate, any snow activities would become impossible in the Summer.

Why is summer the best time to go to Spain?

Because the weather is warm and it is a holiday season so lots of activities one would get to see. The beaches are at their best in summer. Some of the tours and activities are only operating in summer.

What is the closest country to Zimbabwe that has hosted the Olympic Games?

That would be Athens, Greece where the 1896 Summer Games and 2004 Summer Games were held.

When were the last Olympics held in Great Britain?

As of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, that would be the 1948 Summer Games that were held in London.

Why did the summer Olympics and winter Olympics divide?

because if summer games were in the winter where would they have golfing

What are summer good teen activities?

Some great summer activities would be: Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, YMCA, or animal shelter. Swimming, bike riding, sports, horse back riding, gardening, hiking, roller blading/skating, and wake boarding are also great activities to do in the summer time.

Is The Hunger Games awsome?

That is a matter of opinion. Most fans of The Hunger Games series would say that the books are awesome. However, The Hunger Games themselves are not awesome in most's opinion. They are very cruel, as they are run by the Capitol.

Are there camps for teens to train to be a CIA Agent?

Not sure, but that would be awesome!!! yes there is but it's in new york. and only for summer

What can I do in Dallas if I visit?

The best website to search for activities to do while your in Dallas next summer would be at Travel Guides USA Dallas - Fort Worth. This is a great website to visit to find activities to do in Dallas next summer.

What kind of activities for games did the pomo do?

The kind of activities for games that the Pomo Indians did was play smoke tag and dance. They also would also play games that involved skipping rocks across the lake.

Is rugby a summer sport?

No. The games require huge physical effort which in a summer would be exhausting for players and the grounds used would be to hard for tackling.,

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