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Yes, the tanks have the same size fitting to connect them... Co2 is hard on the seals so may want to go through and replace them...

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Q: Can co2 painball gun be adapted to use compressed air?
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Do you need co2 for paintball guns?

You need either Co2 or Compressed air for a paintball gun to function. Every gun can run on compressed air, but only some can run on Co2.

What propelleds your paint ball?

co2 or compressed air

Can a paintball CO2 tank run on compressed air?

No, do not try to fill a CO2 canister with HPA.

Is a compressed air paintball gun the same as a CO2 paintball gun?

All guns can handle compressed air, but not all guns use co2. Check your owners manual for details.

For a paintball rifle is CO2 better than compressed air?

No compressed air would be better for accuracy as well as your gun. Its like co2 but at a higher pressure with cleaner air and no liquid that can damage your paintball marker.

Can compressed air tanks be used for a CO2 gun?

Co2 guns can use air tanks, however guns meant to run on HPA should not be switched to CO2

Does the dangerous power E1 use compressed air?

Yes, co2 is not recomended.

Does the planet eclipse ego take compressed air?

Yes, all planet eclipse markers should be run only on Compressed Air. Co2 can damage them.

Does combustion of compressed natural gas pollute the air?

Yes. Mostly by the production of CO2.

Do all paintball guns have the same tank?

if u mean the tank that you put your shoulder against and what powers it. no u can get co2 or compressed air (compressed air is better for your gun)

Does Davis paintball in CA have a co2 filling station for the all day compressed air?

Yes, it does.

Does the tippmann 98 custom need a compressed air tank?

Not if you're using a co2 tank.

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