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Yes, co2 is not recomended.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-22 21:53:30
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Q: Does the dangerous power E1 use compressed air?
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How can compressed air be used around my home?

Compressed air can be for cleaning, filling tires, sports balls and also balloons. Some power tools also use compressed air to function properly. Overall it is a valuable asset to have.

How do you use compressed air?

compressed air are used in so many applications. eg., SOV uses compressed air in industries. wherever air pressure is needed, we use compressed air. from the compressor the air is stored in a storage tank and from there it will be distributed thru pipe line.

What are air compressed cars?

Air compressed cars are cars powered by compressed air. A compresser is used to generate high pressure air, and that air is then in turn used to propell the car. An electric engine and or a gas engine is still needed to run the compresser but unlike hybrids and other combination vehicles the air compressed cars use either of these engins to power the compressor only.

When did use of Compressed-air stunners begin?

Compressed-air stunners for smaller animals came into use after World War II

Can The tanaka 98k airsoft gun use compressed air?

Yes. It is very powerful with compressed air though.

Why pump can't use for compressed air?

Pump cant use compressed air because its a heat exchange process where mostly burnt fuel is converted as a source of energy . Compressed air is best in compressor engines .

Is compressed air used for inflating tires?

probably they wont use compressed gas in tyres. they use only normal air or nitrogen gas

What do air brakes use to make the brakes work?

Compressed air.

What is a pneumatic fluid?

Air. Pneumatic systems use compressed air.

What is a device that uses compressed air to operate?

What is the force things with compressed air use called? (Sorry, that one's ANOTHER question...) Vehicle tires (Trucks, buses, cars, bicycles) use compressed air, and so does an Aqua-lung.

What industries use compressed air systems?

There are several industries that used compressed air systems. Dentistry field uses dental air compressors.

Is a air brake an example of a use of compressed air?

Yes. So are air tools.

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