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No. If the runner strips the ball from the fielder, he is out.

In Game 6 of the 2006 ALCS, Alex Rodriguez hit a ball between the mound and 1st base. Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo fielded the ball and attempted to tag A-Rod, but he slapped the ball out of his glove. The umpires ruled it interference and he was out. He looked puzzled as if he had no clue that he intentionally slapped the ball away. Whatever, A-Fraud.

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Q: Can baserunner strip fielder of ball?
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Can a baserunner collide with fielder catching a batted ball?

no, it would be batter's interference

What is the ruling when a batted ball is deflected by pitcher and hits a baserunner?

A batted ball that hits a fielder is in play, regardless of whether or not it later hit a baserunner. If a batted ball hits a baserunner before touching a fielder, the runner is out, the batter is awarded a hit, and all other runners return to their previous base unless forced to advance.

Is the batter out in every circumstance when a batted ball hits a baserunner?

No. If a fielder has a legitimate opportunity to make an attempt at the ball, but the ball passes the fielder and then touches the runner, he is not out. The rules state a runner is out when a batted ball touches him before it passes a fielder.

Do other runners advance if a base runner hinders a fielder in fielding a batted ball?

no, it is an immediate dead ball and baserunner is out

What is the official scoring of a ground ball that hits the runner?

The baserunner is out and the batter is credited with a single. The putout goes to the fielder closest to the ball when it hit the runner.

What is a forceout in baseball?

A baserunner may lose his right to occupy a base when a batter becomes a baserunner. The original baserunner could be thrown out when forced to advance, this becomes a force out. Example: Baserunner on first, batter hits a ground ball, the baserunner on first must try to advance, so the batter may try to advance to first, should a fielder field the ground ball and throw to another fielder at 2nd base, who then tags the base for the out, this is a force out of the runner who originally occupied first base.

If a fielder is in the basepath and the runner either runs into the fielder or is forced around the fielder is it interference on the fielder?

If a baserunner runs into a fielder who is in the base line, and who is not in the act of fielding a ball, the call would be OBSTRUCTION on the fielder. The baserunner would be awarded the base he was running to. The runner that has been obstructed will be awarded at least one base or as many bases that the umpire deems necessary to offset the obstruction. This is a judgment call for the umpire and cannot be protested.

Can a fielder in baseball run over a baserunner to get the ball?

no the feilder cant make contact with the runner or ts interference and its a free base

If an infielders foot interferes with a baserunner is the baserunner out when tagged?

If a fielder is making a play, he has the right to block the base with any part of his body, so, yes, he would be out. So it would depend if the fielder was making a play. If the ball is not hit or thrown to the fielder then it is obstruction and the runner is awarded the base the umpire feels he would of reached.

Ways to get to first base without hitting the ball?

Without actually hitting the ball: 1. Walk 2. Intentional walk 3. Balk 4. Third strike, dropped ball 5. Hit by pitch 6. Pinch-runner 7. Base runner on first base at time game is delayed is traded before play resumes; baserunner is subbed in when game resumes 8. Failure to pitch within 20 seconds 9. Four illegal pitches 10. Fielder obstruction* 11. Error* Hitting the ball, but not having it scored as a hit: 1. Catcher interference 2. Fielder interference 3. Fan interference 4. Fan obstruction 5. Fielder obstruction* 6. Fielder's choice 7. Baserunner called out on appeal 8. Error* 9. Fair ball hits ump 10. Fair ball hits baserunner Hitting the ball; scored as a hit: 1. Single 2. Dropped sacrifice fly (different than error--dropped sac fly is intentional) 3. Sacrifice bunt fails to advance baserunner 4. Preceding baserunner put out *Batter can reach first base after dropped 3rd strike on error (catcher overthrows first base) or if obstructed by a fielder (pitcher gets in the way of the baserunner). Batter can also reach first base after hitting the ball if fielder commits error (fielder overthrows first base) or if obstructed by a fielder (pitcher gets in the way of the baserunner).

What happens if a baseball hits a runner?

If a batted ball hits a baserunner in fair territory, the baserunner is out and the batter is awarded first base. If the baserunner is in foul territory and is hit by a batted ball it is just a foul ball. If a baserunner is hit by a thrown ball the ball is still in play, unless it is determined that the baserunner purposely moved into the path of the thrown ball, or is running out of the base path, then the baserunner is out for interference.

What happens on a fly ball when the baserunner is not on a base in softball?

The baserunner is called out.

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