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Yes they do it in the nba all the time.(I use to wonder the same thing.)

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Q: Can an offensive player in basketball go out of bounds on the base line to go around a legally set screen by a team mate?
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What is the penalty when an offensive player touches the ball on a punt return and then it goes out of bounds?

Edit category This is not a basketball question. Punting is football related.

Why is there an out of bounds for basketball?

because that is the rule...

Can two players run out of bounds in basketball?

All players can be out of bounds if they wish, but it will not get them anywhere.

What is a 'outofbounds' in basketball?

A ball is out of bounds if it goes over the baseline (the line that goes in a rectangle all around the court)

Is it illegal to go out of bounds without the basketball?


How many feet do you need to establish in bounds in basketball?

As with all sports, it is important to understand the boundaries on a basketball court. A player only needs one foot to establish in bounds in basketball.

A basketball is going out of bounds do you need both feet touching the floor to be able to save it from going out of bounds?


Is throwing the basketball in the hoop from out of bounds a violation?


Inbounding in basketball?

Inbounds means within the dimensions of the playing court. Out of bounds means outside the dimensions of the playing court.

What is the 5 seconds regulation for basketball?

In basketball people have 5 seconds to take the ball out of bounds.

How many seconds can you be out of bounds in basketball?

When in-bounding the ball, 5.

When playing basketball if the ball is passed and goes out of bounds but is caught live ball by opposite team who is it out on?

in order for a ball in basketball to be considered to be out of bounds the ball MUST touch/hit the ground out bounds ... if the ball does not touch/hit out of bounds the ball is still live a play can go out of bounds to throw/pass the ball back in bounds so long as the player that is going for the ball bounds feet are in the air when he makes contact with the ball ...