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No, any player standing within the "paint", or rectangular area directly in front of the basket, can be charged with a 3 second violation for standing in front of the basket for too long.

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Q: Can an offensive player can stand under the basket until they receive the ball?
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What is the curved line on the floor under the basketball net used for?

it is a restricted area that defenders are not allowed to stand in to take a charge (or offensive foul). They are permitted to stand in the area, but if an offensive player charges into them or knocks them over it will be their fault (because they are standing under the basket, and the offensive player has the right to land on the floor after a layup/dunk/shot).

How long can an offensive player stand in the lane?


How long can an NBA defensive player stand in the paint?

as long as an offensive player, unless he is guarding someone, which is 3 seconds.

Can an offensive player remain in the key or lane fpr 5 seconds?

If you are on offensive, you can not stand in the key for more than 5 seconds at a time

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What do the positions in Basketball do?

The point guard is the one who will take the ball down the court and be the main ball handler. The forward is usually down by the basket and one of the tallest or strongest on the team. The forward will "post" or block the defender from getting the ball, receive a pass from a guard and go in for a bunny shot. The center is the player who jumps for the ball in the beginning of the game and plays the same position as the forward. The guards are the other two players who stand on the "wings" or foul line extended usually and set picks, receive a pass or drive the ball to the basket.

What does ORB stand for in college basketball?

Offensive rebounds

What is an offensive line?

They stand on the offensive line against the defense and they try to keep the quarterback from being sacked

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What does OFF stand for in the stats of basketball?

It stands for OFFensive rebounds.

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How long a player of the NBA can stand in the paint gurading area?

An NBA player on the offensive team can stand in the paint for a maximum of three seconds, otherwise the ball is turned over to the opposing team. An NBA player on the defensive team also cannot stay in the paint for more than three seconds, unless he's guarding his opponent.

What are the positons in basketball?

point guard- the person who dribbles down the court 2 shooting guards- specialize in driving to the basket and 3 point shooting 2 posts- stand under the basket and rebound

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What does OR and DR stand for in basketball regarding rebounds?

OR - Offensive Rebounds DR - Defensive Rebounds

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