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The tippmann A5 is supposed to be used in paintball.

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Q: Can a tippmann A5 be used in a round?
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Which is better Tippmann A5 or alpha black?

Tippmann A5 is way better

What are the threads for a Tippmann A-5?

This statement is half true but half untrue. The tippmann A5 and 98 custom do indeed have different threads. But after the A5 tippmann made the X7 which has identical threads to that of an A5. Because of this a barrel with "Tippmann A5" threads, will fit on a tippmann x7, but will not fit on a tippmann 98 custom.

Will a expansion chamber for a tippmann a5 fit a tippmann 98 custom?

No. the thread pattern is NOT the same

Where to get a tippmann A5 famas shroud?

There are no manufactured ones

Where to get a tippmann A5 xm8 shroud?

There are no manufactured ones.

Is the tippmann a5 stealth made of metal?


Where to get a tippmann A5 p90 shroud?

There are no manufactured ones.

Where to get a tippmann A5 ump shroud? look up A5 shrouds on the bottom left

What are some features of the Tippmann A5?

Tippmann A5 is a pneumatic gun or marker used for paintball. It is classified as a semi-automatic gun, with 0.68 caliber, a standard trigger, 8.5'' barrel length and more than 150 feet as range.

Can a 9 oz CO2 tank be used with the Tippmann A5?

Yes, any size Co2 or air tank can be used with the A5 and every modern day, as long as it has the standard ASA threads.

Does the tippmann a5 m107 shroud fit the tippmann 98 custom?

No, the screw set is off and there is holes for the cyclone feed.

Does a Tippmann a5 barrell fit a tippmann 98?

No! The A-5 has different threads then the 98. The only way would be to get a berrel adaptor.

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