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Yes and no. If someone else touched the ball, then you are eligible to touch the ball again. If no one touched it and you grab it again, it is considered traveling.

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Q: Can a shooter recover his own shot that did not hit rim or backboard?
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Can the basketball hit the backboard and then rebounded by the same shooter?


Can you shoot a basketball more accurately with or without the backboard?

You can hit a shot off of the backboard and into the hoop, but you can't hit a shot off of air into the hoop. You can easily shoot more accurately with the backboard.

Is it a legal shot when the ball hits the side of the backboard?

Yes, it is. As long as the ball does not hit the back of the backboard or the shot clock, the shot is valid.

What is a shot in basketball called when you do not hit the backboard?

A swish.

Can you hit the backboard purposely in the NBA?

yes and if it hits the back board correctly it is a shot

Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?

No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

Can you recover from being shot in the head?

Depends entirely on how you're hit.

Can a player rebound his own air ball shot attempt?

No, they can't. They can hit the backboard or the rim and rebound it, but if the shot does not hit either of them, then it is considered a travel, or as others call it, a "self pass."

Does a Lay-up always hit the backboard?

Not all lay-ups hit the backboard for example a finger roll.

Are you more likely to swish hit off backboard or miss on a free throw in basketball?

hit off backboard

Nba rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?

If a player shoots and it doesn't hit the backboard or rim, and they catch it before it hits the floor, it's a travel. The ball either has to: a) Hit the rim or backboard. b) Hit the ground before the player can retain possession again.

Is it an airball if it hits the backboard in basketball?

No because it hit something. An air ball does no hit anything.

What is layup?

when you run torwards the hoop, take two steps, and gently hit the ball against the backboard to score. dont always have to use backboard

Which collisions showed the shooter marble changing directions?

when the shooter marble was hit with a marble that had momentum

Can you hit the backboard while the ball is on the rim?

Yes, that's how, sometimes, the ball gets stuck on the hoop. It gets wedged between the backboard and the side of the rim.

On a foul shot does the ball need to hit the rim?

In basketball the ball on a foul shot the ball must hit the rim or another player before the man throwing the ball can touch it. That is the Wilt Chamberlain rule. He would throw the ball against the backboard, catch it, and throw it in for 2 points. That is not permitted any more.

What is the use of a Backboard?

The backboard is used to bank the ball off of. The box on the backboard (right above the basket) is used as a guide. If you hit certain spots from certain sides of the goal, the ball will always go in the basket if thrown with the right technique.

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident how do you recover the deductible from your repairs?

Since you don't know who hit you, then you can't recover.

How do you aim the pea shooter to hit the canary?

by moving the mouse

What is a slap shot?

No such thing as a slap hit its either a slap shot or a hit

When was Hit Me with Your Best Shot created?

Hit Me with Your Best Shot was created on 1980-09-15.

In a penalty corner do you have to hit the backboard to score a goal?

No, this is a common misunderstanding of the rules, especially when they are explained by another player who is also unfamiliar.If the First shot at goal during a penalty corner is a hit (including sweeps) then it must enter the goal at the height of the backboard or lower unless it has been deflected by either an attacking or defending player including the goalkeeper; If the First Shot is a drag flick, scoop, the ball can enter the goal at any height... for second and subsequent shots, and for flicks or scoops, the ball may enter the goal at any height.Note that hitting the backboard does not mean the ball entered at that height; during its flight, the ball drops, so unless it is a faster shot or hits lower down, it may have actually entered higher than permissible, and this should be watched for (especially when umpiring or defending one).

Lyrics for hit me with your best shot?

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What is a backboard?

A backboard is a flat vertical surface used in basketball to which the basket is attached, or a wall in the game of tennis, often used for practice, where balls can be hit at a flat surface in order to practise hitting.

If the ball goes over the backboard but doesn't hit anything is it still considered in play?

If you save it before it hits the ground i think