Can a setter spike the ball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Nope cause she the setter and setter are not allowed to spike during game .

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Q: Can a setter spike the ball?
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What does the setter do in volleyball?

Sets the ball for the spiker to spike the ball over the net

What players can spike the volleyball?

anyone the setter sets the ball to

How important is a setter in Volley ball?

Very. The setter must be able to set high and near the net in order for the hitter to spike it on the opponent's court. It is very hard for a hitter to spike when the setter does not set well.

What is a setter in volleyball?

a setter is a person who hits the ball into a spacific area in the front so the other person can spike it over to the other side.... this is a horrible answer A setter is a player who touches the second ball to set it up for the third touch or spike. They are like the second captain on the court

How is a pass used you n volleyball?

The pass is usually used to direct the ball to the setter, so that the setter can set the ball to the hitter, and the hitter can spike it on to the opponent's side.

What is the roll of the setter in volleyball?

Being a setter is a very important job to have. Most people are very lucky to be a setter. The role of a setter is that you get the 2nd ball in play, and you get the ball ready for the front row to spike it. If you are late to getting to the ball you might of cost your team one point.

How do you properly spike a volleyball perfectly if you can't jump high?

get under the ball and spike it up to the setter. you dont have to be able to jump high =)

What does the front row of players do in volleyball?

There are three people in front. The one on the right and left can bump it or spike it. The center person is the setter. The setter will set the ball for the spiker.

What are hitters in volleyball?

they are the offensive players that usually spike or tip the ball over the net from a volley set by the setter.

Why is one player different on a volleyball team?

He or she is the setter, they try to get the second hit to set the ball up for the spike

Describe what the volleyball positions do?

the back row is middle back, right back, and left back. those positions usually block a spike or pass to the setter. the front row is right front, left front, right front, and setter. the right and left front usually spike the ball over the net. the setter sets the ball to the right or left front position or spikes the ball over the net.

How many hits does a team have to get the volleyball over the net?

In a volleyball game, while a rally is going on the team that has possession of the ball has a maximum of three hits to get the ball over the net. The most common form of this is a bump then a set then a spike. The bump is when you close your arms and pass the ball to your setter and at that time the setter sets the ball with his fingers to somebody who is ready to spike the ball to hit the ground on the other side. The spike is also known as a kill. These three ways of hitting the ball do not have to be used in that order, that is just the most common way.