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You have two options either 1. "SET" it if you are the setter or 2. "SPIKE" it if you are a spiker !!!!

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If it is above your shoulders then you should set it up in the air so someone from your team can spike it over the net

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you jump up and spike it

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Set the ball.

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Q: What volleyball skill do you use to hit a ball above your head?
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What hit should you use when the volleyball is coming towards you above your head in volleyball?


What does underhand and overhand mean in volleyball?

Underhand is where your hit the ball by reaching forward underneath it. Overhand is where you hit the ball above your head. Which one you use would have to depend on where you are relative to the ball. If it is above your head, you will have to use overhand (maybe you will have to jump), while if the ball is going to hit the ground in front of you, you will have to use the underhand hit (and you may have to dive for it).

What is overhand serve in volleyball?

overhand serve is when you throw the volleyball directly in front of you then lift your arm up hit the center of the ball with as much force as possible

Why would you set a volleyball?

You set a vollyball when it is above your head.

Can you contact the ball with your head in volleyball?

yes but it would be easier to use your hands

What does an over-head serve mean in volleyball?

you through the ball up and hit it with the palm of your hand

Is volleyball safe?

yes of course the ball is kind of soft so it wont hurt if you get hit in the head

When is the only time a goalie can hold a soccer ball above his or her head with both hands?

You can hold the ball above your head at any time in the match with both hands.

What does wallop in volley ball term mean?

It is a kind of service seldomly used in volleyball. It is similar to side serve but the difference is the ball contact is over the head.

What is new in the volleyball games?

Not much has changed in the past years but except the in Middle School volleyball, you can use your feet to pop up the ball if nessesary but you MAY NOT use your head at all.

What is another part of your body besides arms and hands for volleyball?

I dont suggest using any other part of your body , but you can . You can use anything above the waist to hit a ball , but the problem is control . Are you able to control the ball from where you hit it ? this is why if a ball hits your arms and then hits you in the face you lose the point because it a double hit , as you are allowed to use your head in volleyball .

What are the different kind of service in volleyball and their function?

There is the over-hand serve and the under-handserve. The over-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist over your head. The under-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist under your head. The point of both of the serves are to get the ball over the net and in between the out lines.