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Q: Can a runner jump over the catcher to get to home plate?
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Is it legal in MLB for a runner to jump over the catcher to score at home plate?


When stealing home plate can the catcher jump in front of the plate to tag the runner?

YES the catcher is SUPPOSED to block the plate as long as he has the ball. if the batter swings and hits the catcher the runner would return to third and the batter awarded first base. If the bases were loaded the catchers interference would force the runner home.

In the Cal Ripken league can a runner jump over the catcher making a play at the plate if not where is it in the rule book?

Absolutely, the runner should be allowed to jump over ANY fielder if he so desires. As long as he is still on the base path and touches the plate without being tagged, he is safe. As a matter of fact, on the MLB Network the top play wasn't even a professional player.. I believe it was a school game that the runner jumped over the catcher, flipped, and touched the base without being tagged. The umpire knew the rules and called him safe.

Can the runner jump over the catcher in little league baseball and land on home to score?

yes but you can not maul over the catcher In the 1979 Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA., a player jumped over the catcher. Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores, MI was playing Campbell, CA. in a semi-final game. Grosse Pointe centerfielder Mike Walkowiak scampered home as the throw came in. The throw beat Walkowiak and the Campbell catcher crouched low to make the inevitable out. Just then, Walkowiak hurdled high over the catcher and both feet landed on home plate without even coming close to the catcher. It was the go ahead run at the time, putting Grosse Pointe up 5-4. Mike's ingenuity wasn't enough, however, as Campbell went on to win the game 8-5.

What is a safety in baseball?

Is there is no such thing as a 'safety' in baseball. The only reference to 'safety' in baseball is the 'safety squeeze'. There are two types of 'squeeze' plays - a safety squeeze and a suicide squeeze. Generally, a squeeze play occurs with a runner on third with less than two outs and the batter bunts the ball. The idea is that if the runner on third can get a good enough jump as the pitcher is delivering the ball and batter bunts the ball on the ground and far enough away from home plate, the defense will not be able to throw out the runner at home and the offense essentially 'steals' a run. Now - for a 'suicide' squeeze the runner on third immediately sprints towards home as soon as the pitcher starts his windup (identical to trying to steal home). If the batter is able to lay down a bunt, this runner will likely score because of the jump that he was able to get. However, if the batter is unable to bunt the ball (he misses or pops up) then the runner at third will definitely be tagged out. For a safety squeeze, the runner at third does not start his sprint towards home until he sees the batter bunt the ball. This has the advantage of allowing the batter to miss or look at a pitch without creating a situation where the runner on third will definitely be out. However, it has the disadvantage of the runner getting a very slow start towards home and even if the batter bunts the ball well, it is still likely that he will be thrown out at home by a good defensive play. Of note, the 'safety' squeeze is rarely used in major league baseball because the poor jump by the runner at third combined with the talented defensives almost guarntee failure. However, in other leagues - high school, college - the safety squeeze is more common.

What is the rule number in little league where it states the runner can jump over the catcher to score with out marketing contact?

There is no rule allowing or disallowing the act, therefore it is legal. As a matter of fact, jumping over the catcher might be in compliance with rules requiring runners to avoid contact with a defensive player. *Some leagues have "Must Slide" rules at home to eliminate colisions, so be familiar with your local leagues

Can a baserunner jump over a batted ball?

Yes. As a matter of fact, a base runner can also jump over another player. As long as the runner stays within the 3 foot width of the base path, he can jump, roll, slide, step backwards, etc.

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In Babe Ruth Baseball can a runner jump over a tag?

yeah but you might be called out depending on the umpire.

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