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sports safety is when you know how to fulfill your sport and all your activites with the confidence that you are doing it in a safe and protected way.

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Q: What is sports safety?
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Why play organized sports?


What is a safety in sports?

all the gear and pads

The safety of sports ground in 1975?


How has safety equipment in sports evolved?

from rugby to football

What is fire safety and safety of places of sports act 1987?

Following a fire at the Bradford City football grounds a committee examined the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975. They recommended that the Act be rewritten as the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act. This gave more powers to the local building control authority and fire authority.

How is the proper safety equipment best able to protect an athlete?

Every athlete has different safety equipment. It depends on what sports that you play.

What are the health and safety hazards in a sports hall?

Uhmm i honeslt dont carwe

What are four legislative factors in sport?

Safety at sports ground act (1975) COSHH (2002) RIDDOR (1995) Fire Safety and safety of places of sport act (1987) Hope that helps :)

The key Rules regulations and legislations relating to health safety and injury in sports participation?

China is the answer

Why should you wear safe clothing in sports?

to avoid injurys because sports can cause physical injurys. so its better to ware all the safety gear!

What responsibilities does a sports leader have?

To have responsibilities of a sports leader you must know about health and safety and who you are working with,rules and regulations,professional conduct and insurance. zak srakaew :D

What does health and safety in sport mean?

In sport, when you talk about health and safety, it is nothing to take lightly. A health physical screen from your doctor prior to engaging in sports, as well as wearing proper safety equipment are extremely important.

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