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You cannot intentionally "be mean" to an opponent by taunting them, yelling at them, cursing at them, etc. This is unsportsmanlike conduct and is against the rules.

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Q: Can a player be mean to their opponent on the tennis court?
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What does the term let mean in tennis?

A let is a serve that hits the net but falls into the opponent's correct service court. The server is allowed to serve again and no penalty is given.

In tennis what does Love mean?

it means you or the opponent made an easy out and they say for example,you get an out an the opponent gets 1 love.

What is long tennis?

You probably mean "Lawn" tennis. Lawn tennis is simply tennis played on a grass court.

Ground of tennis?

im not sure what you mean by this question but tennis is played on hard court, clay court and grass court for different opens

What does โ€œa setโ€ in tennis mean?

The next unit of tennis scoring above a game. A player wins a set when they have won six games and are at least two games clear of their opponent. If a set reaches 6-6, it is usually decided by a tiebreak

What does a let ball mean in tennis?

In tennis, a let ball can be called for several reasons. If a player's serve lands in the correct service box but hits the net first, a let is called and the player may serve again without penalty. A let may also be called if there is a danger or major distraction on the court (ex: a tennis ball from another court rolls onto a court during the play of a point).

What does down the line mean?

In tennis, down the line refers to the same side of the court on the opponent's court area. For example, for two right handed players, down-the-line would refer to the forehand side of one person and the backhand-side of the other.

In tennis what does advantage in and advantage out mean?

When a score is tied at 40-40 you must play a tie breaker to decide who wins. If the person serving wins the first point than it is Advantage (Ad) in, if the opponent wins the first point then it is Advantage (Ad) out. You must win the point after this ad point to win the game or it goes back to 40-40 called Deuce. A ball hit into the opponent's side of the court which lands within the court's boundaries is called in and play continues. If a ball lands outside the court it is called out and the player who it was hit past recieves a point.

What does a volley mean in playing table tennis?

A volley is when a player obstructs the ball if he, or anything he wears or carries, touches the ball in play when it is above or travelling towards the playing surface, not having touched his court since last being struck by his opponent. So, very simply, a volley is when a player hits the ball before it bounces on his side of the table. This is not allowed.

What does winners mean in tennis?

It means that the opponent or you didn't even get the racket on the ball before it bounced 2 times.

What does Prince 4 on a tennis ball mean?

The numbers on the tennis balls are simply for your benefit - if you are playing with Prince 1 balls, and the people on the court next to you are playing with Prince 4 balls, it is easier to retrieve your tennis balls when they wander onto another tennis court.

What does the let call in tennis mean?

Should the ball on service strike the top of the net before falling in the correct service court, it is a "let" and is replayed. The server is allowed one miss, or "fault," either into the net or outside the opponent's service court. hope that helped xD

In volleyball what does it mean to smash the ball overarm into the opponent's court?

That would be spiking the ball

What does Volleys in tennis mean?

A volley in tennis refers to when a player hits a ball without the ball bouncing; this usually takes place when a player stands close to the net.

What does it mean to break serve in tennis?

When you are receiving a serve from your opponent thereby giving them the advantage, If you outscore them and win the game, then this is called to breaking their serve.

What is a tennis players lifestyle?

what do you mean when we say the player life style

What does goal side of a player mean?

To be in front of and between the goal and the other opponent

Can a player standing out of court defend a player who is on court?

What do you exactly mean by what you just said it does not make sense?

In tennis are you allowed to volley a return of serve this would be desirable if the opponent has a weak serve?

If by what you mean is are you allowed to hit the return before it bounces - NO.

What does crosscourt mean?

A cross court is a shot that is played diagonally into opponents court. It is a very effective shot which if hit properly can take the ball away from the opponent.

What does back on serve mean in tennis?

In tennis matches, it is more common to win games while serving rather than while the other player is serving. So, when both players are winning their own serve games (holding serve) the set is said to be "on serve." When a player wins a game as a receiver, that player is said to have broken the opponent's serve and is now "up a break." If the other player is able to "break back" the score again appears as if nobody lost their serve game, and the set is "back on serve."

What is Vanessa Williams known for?

If you mean Venus Williams, she is a professional tennis player.

What does wo mean in tennis?

When a player is ill of have an emergency so they cannot make their match.

What sports is Vanessa Williams known for?

If you mean Venus Williams, she is a professional tennis player.

What does the word unbiased question mean?

It means the question is neutral or impartial to the parties involved. An example would be:A biased question example: Will the great Romanian tennis player beat her awful opponent in tomorrow's Wimbledon tennis final?An unbiased question example: Of the two great finalists, who will be the winner of tomorrow's Wimbledon Ladies tennis final, the Romanian or the Russian?