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Yes a pawn may pass an enemy pawn even though it is being attacked by that enemy pawn.

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Q: Can a pawn pass a pawn when engaged?
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Can a pawn pass a pawn?

Yes, a pawn may pass by an enemy pawn.

Can pawn pass another pawn?

A pawn may pass another pawn if there is some tactical or strategical advantage to do so - this is an option exercised at the discretion of the player(s). It only becomes a passed pawn if it has no more enemy pawns to pass by.

Can a pawn pass another pawn without engaging?

Yes, it's called a passed pawn when one player moves ahead instead of taking a pawn or a piece.

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What is an advanced pawn?

An advanced pawn (otherwise known as a passed pawn) is a pawn which has no opposing pawns that can obstruct it.

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What is it called for a pawn to be by itself in chess?

A pawn by itself with no other pawn on its side to move up to protect it is called an isolated pawn.

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