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En-passant happens when the opponent moves a pawn up two squares, and only the turn immediately after the pawn moves, next to one of your pawns. Then, you take diagonally to the unoccupied space behind his/her pawn and remove his piece. It is the only Chess move where the capturer does not take the opponent's piece's place.

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2011-08-15 17:09:59
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Q: In the game chess what is the special exception of taking en-passant?
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A "Chess Maven" refers to a person who has special knowledge or experience in chess ; an expert .

How do you do special chess moves?

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Can a king attack head on in chess?

The King may attack any other chess piece with the exception of the opposing King and can not move into check at any time .

How strong is a queen chess piece?

The Queen is second only to the King in strength and power for she , with the exception of the Knight , can move like every chess piece since she incorporates the power of every chess-men's move .

Can a chess piece bring back another piece when it gets to ther end of the board?

The pawn can be promoted to any chess piece upon the board with the exception of the King .

What are the 2 special moves in chess?

Rock + Check Mate

What is the time limit for a pawn?

All Chess pieces are subject to the same time limits - a pawn is no exception .

Do you only get the chess piece whose square you land on?

Almost always, this is true; you only get the chess piece whose square you land on. An exception is called 'en passant', and even here you get to take a piece by landing on the square the piece just moved over. It is a special move involving Pawn takes Pawn that you would have to read about before using.

What are the names of chess moves?

Castling, En Passant, Check (Mate), Taking

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Can you move back and forward with chess pecies?

Yes you can. With the exception of the pawns, all other pieces can move backwards as well as forwards.

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