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Q: Can a horse win a race if the jockey falls off?
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Should sport people be paid for doing sport or not?

Yes, they should because they are risking their own lives to do it. For instance, a jockey is risking his life because what if the horse becomes scared by a noise? The horse might rear up all of a sudden, and the jockey might fall off. Say the jockey fell off, he could be seriously injured, he could have broken limbs or a concussion. Say also that the jockey kept his grip on the reins but the horse rears too far back and falls on its back, the jockey would be practically crushed, the least have almost all of his bones broken. So the jockey is constantly placed in danger every time the horse is scared.

What is the climax in 'The Rocking Horse Winner'?

The climax is when Paul's mother comes home to find him furiously rocking back and forth on the rocking horse yelling the name of the horse he believes will win the race and then falls off injuring himself ultimately fatally.

What does the trainer say to the jockey before the last race in secretariat the movie?

Don't fall off Ronnie

The climax of the Rocking Horse Winner?

when he falls off his rocking-horse and gets sick

What is the climax of The Rocking-Horse Winner?

The climax is when Paul's mother comes home to find him furiously rocking back and forth on the rocking horse yelling the name of the horse he believes will win the race and then falls off injuring himself ultimately fatally.

What happens when Paul rides his rocking horse?

he falls off

Why is a leaky faucet like a race horse?

it's off and running

What is the episode from full house when Michelle falls off her horse?

Michelle rides again part 1 is when w she falls off. Michelle rides again part 2 is after the accident.

How a horse shedds?

The lay down to take a nap and the hair just falls off.

Why does the cowboy fall off his horse at the end of the Geico commercial?

The cowboy falls off his horse at the end because he hit the letter E. The theme of the commercial was that words really do hurt.

What do you call a horse abattoir?

A slaughter house is what you call a horse abattoir. There is an increase in the demand for horse meat abroad, and my pets, and even race horse end their short lives here as cast off.

What does Z V B X R P L mean?

ZVBXRPL are the seven letters on a slip of paper Chico, pretending to sell ice cream and actually selling tips on the races, hands to Groucho in the Marx Brothers movie, "A Day at the Races." The letters are code for the name of the horse, the jockey, the race, etc... giving Groucho the information he wants to gain an unfair advantage when he bets on the next race. Initially, he wanted to bet on Sunshine, but the code and Chico's flimflammery convinces him to bet on a horse ridden by a jockey named Burns. As it turns out, the money Groucho gives to Chico for the inside information is used by Chico to bet on Sunshine, the horse Groucho originally wanted to bet on. Of course, Sunshine wins. Chico dashes off to collect his money, and Groucho is stuck with the ice cream wagon.

Did Seabiscuit run a match race against Bold Ruler?

Bold Ruler was born in 1954. Seabiscuit died in 1947, so a match race between these two horses is impossible. But, in 1938 Seabiscuit and War Admiral faced off in what was called 'the match race of the century'. The Admiral stood almost 18HH, was the Triple Crown winner, received Horse of the Year, and was the odds on favorite in this particular race. Seabiscuit, on the other hand, stood around 15HH, was the older horse, had a bigger jockey, and had conformation imperfections. He also drew the outside lane. All of that mattered not to the Biscuit. He had the time of his life humiliating War Admiral. The joke around the Howard's barn:The Biscuit made War Admiral a 'rear admiral'. The 'little horse that could' won by four lengths.

How did Sea Biscuit shape and influence the lives of those around him?

Sea Biscuit and his overly tall, partially blind jockey "Red" were considered the under-dogs in the Great Depression when people had little hope of being able to eke out a living and people were depressed, struggling and basically many were giving up on life. Jobs were scarce and people were starving and there wasn't much to look forward during these hard times. Then along came Sea Biscuit (short and runty almost like a small quarter-horse) 1/2 the size of most other racing horses and this tall, lanky, partially blind jockey that showed the world if you have heart to can accomplish anything. For the first time since the Great Depression things were looking up and people from all walks of life came to see these two strange phenomenas go into action. Sea Biscuit was not considered to be of much use to anyone and a very small horse (not suitable for breeding.) He wasn't even worth pulling a wagon to some owners of him. He was basically mistreated and traded off to different owners and eventually one horse trainer could see there was some heart to this horse no matter how small he was. The horse was almost wild and didn't trust humans (who could blame the horse.) At the time the new owner of Sea Biscuit brought him to his ranch he also had a rather tall, lanky jockey simply named "Red" who was really too tall to be a jockey and was later found (after losing a race) he was completely blind in one eye from a sucker punch to the face while fighting to make money to eat not to mention he had a rather tough chip on his shoulder from his experiences during the 1930 Depression. The trainer could see potential in the horse and jockey getting together as they were both troubled. At first the jockey was not impressed with Sea Biscuit and was more interested in the larger and stronger horses. Something took hold and the two became inseparable. Little by little they trained the jockey on the horse and the one thing they noticed about this small horse was as soon as he got up to the horse next to him in a race and eye-balled that horse something happened to Sea Biscuit ... he didn't like it and he ran like the wind winning many races. The jockey "Red" was doing another jockey a favor of riding a rather skittish horse around the track and the horse went crazy dragging Red behind him and Red ended up with such a badly fractured leg the doctors were amazed he didn't lose the leg entirely and told him he could never be a jockey again which sent "Red" into a depression. He loved Sea Biscuit so much he would only allow another jockey to ride him and didn't want to hold Sea Biscuit back. In that race Sea Biscuit fell and broke his leg as well and the vet didn't feel the leg would heel, but at the request of the owner he gave Sea Biscuit a chance. It was at this time "Red" and Sea Biscuit really bonded and the determination and heart of both of them go them back into racing again. "Red" actually invented his own brace for his injured leg (although in pain) he rode his horse to victory with the help of another jockey. Because of this it gave hope to many people during the Great Depression that if these two could do it they could survive the Depression.

What breaks in The Glass Menagerie?

The unicorn falls to the floor and the horn breaks off, allowing it to become just another horse.

Can you die from a horse?

Absolutely. If one kicks you too hard in the wrong place, or falls on you, or you fall off it in the wrong way.

How do grey horses come to look white?

Every year, when the horse's falls off, it is replaced with a lighter coat than the year before.

Can you be held liable if someone falls off a horse on your property?

Yes you can be held liable and be sued if you did not have the person sign a liability waiver. You should also have liability insurance if you let other people ride your horse on your property.

What do you do when the horses horseshoe falls off while riding?

Get off and lead the horse back to the paddock. If it is too far to walk, remain mounted and allow the horse to move at its own pace, no faster than a walk. If a shoe fell off, it could mean that the hoof has split. That, in turn, can lead to a permanent -- even life-threatening -- injury.

Do retired race horses make good horses for kids?

This depends. If the horse is fresh off the track then absolutely not! If however the horse has been off the track for a while and professionally retrained it can be a suitable mount for an older child or teenager. But most younger kids and even teens do not have enough body strength to control a hard pulling horse like a racehorse.

What are the dangers of being a horseracing jockey?

The dangers are the risk of falling off, being crushed, and trampled. It is a guarantee that if you are a jockey you will break your collar bone at one point in your career.

What is the purpose of off track betting?

The purpose of off track betting in horse racing is to allow revenues at the tracks to increase. This means that race tracks have a higher income, without the need for an influx of spectators attending.

Is there going to be a tornado jockey 2?

most likely not because tornado jockey, although fun and awesome, was not one of its company's money makers. It is also pretty much endless which would eliminate the reason for a sequel so basically they could just do something like a Hurricane Jockey which would be a branch off of Tornado Jockey.

What is it called to get off a horse?

To get off a horse is to dismount.

How do you race with talon in Zelda orcarina of time?

You race with Ingo (not Talon) by paying him to ride a horse, calling Epona with Epona's Song, which you learned as a child, mounting her, and talking to Ingo while on her, who will challenge you to a race. Beat him, and you'll have to race him once more. If you beat him again, he'll close off the ranch; jump over one of the fences on the sides to escape.