Can a halo hopper fit an ion?

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Yes, a halo hopper can fit on most guns. If it doesn't fit at first, take sandpaper and sand the feedneck down.

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Q: Can a halo hopper fit an ion?
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How do you prograre your halo too hopper?

Halo hoppers do not have an RF chip therefore it is impossible to program a halo hopper.

Do all paintball hoppers fit on every gun?

yes, the top of the line are halo or a dye rotor. the rotor is more pricey, that's why i have a halo hopper

What is the best hopper for a spyder rt?

A halo($50) on eBay

What is a good hopper for etek 3 paintball gun?

At bare minimum: the Invert halo too. if you want a perfect fit: Empire prophecy. anything better then that is probably overkill.

Is there like a 400 or 500 round hopper that will fit on the JT Stealth?

The Pinokio hopper is the only hopper that holds that many paintballs.

Can the halo hopper be used with the tippmann 98?

As long as the hopper has the standard .68 attachment and the marker also has the standard .68 feeder elbow. So if the hopper fits on the marker your good to go.

What hopper would fit on a smart parts shocker paintball gun?

The Querty feedneck is a universal feedneck so any hopper will fit the Feedneck.

Can all hopper fit all paintball guns?


Can a halo virtue crown fit on a pinokio?

yes, a Halo version...

How do you tell if a halo paintball hopper works?

turn it on and tap the back. if it does not spin something is wrong.

What is a good paintball marker?

a good paint ball gun would be a smart part ion or any ego/eclipse, a boblong is even better, a shocker is pretty good!!!!!! get a ion or better. use a good empire or halo hopper. use a compressed air tank also!!! this will be better for your maker.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from: nick 10156 a pm8 is the best gun you can get for your money. Its durable, has a great fire rate of a max of 30bps with a good hopper. You would definetely be gettin a run for your money

What hopper elbow would fit on my bt iron horse paintball marker?

From the pictures it doesn't look like you would need an elbow at all. The hopper should fit directly into the feed neck.

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