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A halo($50) on eBay

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Q: What is the best hopper for a spyder rt?
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What is a spyder rt-s?

A paintball gun

Can you put paintballs in a spyder MR5?

You pour them carefully from the bag into the hopper.

How do you shoot spyder electra?

put mask on, screw tank in, put a hopper on, put paint in hopper. press on button, pull trigger.

What is the best hopper for a Spyder RT 09?

This has a lot to do with style and preference, but the current king of hoppers is the generally considered to be the Dye Rotor. It has some close competitors though, so my suggestion would be to watch hopper "drop tests" on youtube and see what you think. If the Rotor is out of your price range at $150 you might want to look at a used Reloader B or even the FASTA 18V loader. The FASTA looks a little weird but shoots fast and is fairly reliable.

Is the 09 spyder rt tournament legal?

Yes, but it is below recommended performance for a tournament, as you would be at a disadvantage.

Can you put a regular scope on a spyder mr1 paintball marker?

No. You need an offset rail or the sight will be blocked by the hopper.

What hopper to use on a spyder pilot?

Sins you own a spyder, I'm assuming your cheap. So am I. You want either want a view loader force($30) or a halo ($50 on eBay) also, the pilot sucks.

Is spyder the best brand of paintball guns?

No, spyder is an entry level company.

What hopper elbow would fit on your BT Iron Horse Paint-ball Marker?

Only spyder threaded ones would work

Can the semi-automatic spyder mr1 shoot automatic?

Yes but you are going to have to get an E-trigger and it is well known for chopping paintballs unless you get some eyes and a decent hopper.

Where is it possible to get Spyder outerwear?

The best place to purchase Spyder outerwear is at the official Spyder website. You are also able to purchase Spyder outerwear from various online stores such as Evo outlets and Back Country. For a cheaper alternative, you can purchase used Spyder Outerwear from auction sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

How do you repair a spyder rt paintball gun?

depends on what is wrong with it. if its just a simple leak down the barrel it could just need some oil or the cup seal replaced.