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Yes, a goal can be scored "from goal to goal" in a number of instances.

If a ball is in play and a goalkeeper kicks a ball from his hands (or even throws it) and it goes into the opponent's goal, it is ruled a goal.

If a goalkeeper or other player takes a goal kick to restart play, this can result in a goal if it goes into the opponent's goal. (A goal kick is a type of direct free kick.)

Any kick taken by any player while a ball is in play can score a goal if it travels the length of the field and goes in the goal.

It may be very difficult to kick a ball that is actually on the goal line and kick it down the full length of the field and into the opponent's goal, but it is possible. Further, the Laws of the Game allow a goal to be scored in the instances cited providing no foul has occurred.

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2010-06-14 02:55:16
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Q: Can a goal be scored from goal to goal?
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