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no the goal posts are out of bounds and the pass is dead when it strikes the post. A kick which could score points is the exception. Should that kick hit the post it could bound over the crossbar and still score.

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Q: Can a football be deflected off the goal post from a pass and be caught?
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If a football is thrown and not caught?

It's an incomplete pass.

A pass that is legally caught in football?

a reception, not an interception

Are the goal posts in play - for example - if a pass hits the goal post and is then caught in the end-zone is it a completion or in-completion?

The pass is a dead ball and incomplete

Catch a pass off a goal post?

No. In NFL football, once a ball hits the uprights (goal post), whether from a pass or a missed field goal or a punt, it is out of play.

Who caught Kurt warners last touchdown pass in afl football?

Dontrell Ducker

Who did Brett favre throw is first pass to as a green bay packer?

Himself. On his 1st play as a Green Bay Packer, Favre threw a pass that was deflected & was caught by himself for a loss of 7 yards.

Has a NFL quarterback ever thrown a pass to himselve?

Brad Johnson Against Carolina in 1997, he caught his deflected pass and ran three yards for a touchdown

What do you call a football pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage?

A pass--if caught then it's a completion and if it's dropped then an incompletion.

When can a football field goal be made?

A football field goal can be made whenever a team is close to their goal line and on 4th down. If they feel they are unable to complete a pass or run to make a 1st down they can attempt a field goal and take 3 points rather than 6 with a touchdown.

What quarterbacks have caught their own passes for touchdowns?

Its almost impossible but i know in the NFL Brad Johnson when he played for the vikings in 1997 caught his own deflected pass and ran three yards for a touchdown otherwise theres almost no way you can do that very rare

Who was on the receiving end of the Immaculate Reception?

The pass from Terry Bradshaw was intended for John "Frenchy" Fuqua. After he and Oakland Raiders Jack Tatum collided, the ball was deflected and caught by Franco Harris, who ran for a touchdown.

Out of bounds pass in football?

In American Football, if a player has one foot out of bounds when he catches the football, he is out of bounds. If he has is in bounds when he catches the football then he caught it and it is a completed catch. If the player goes out of bounds and comes back in bounds and catches the football it is still an incomplete pass. However, if he was knocked out of bounds or if the ball was tipped, it may be a completed pass. The rules keep changing at all levels of the game.