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Brad Johnson Against Carolina in 1997, he caught his deflected pass and ran three yards for a touchdown

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Yes. Brett Farve's first career completion was a pass to himself for a net of -7 yards.

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Q: Has a NFL quarterback ever thrown a pass to himselve?
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What quarterback has not thrown a TD pass in a Super Bowl?

Kerry Collins

Which quarterback has thrown the most pass attempts without throwing an interception in a Super Bowl?

Tom Brady

Has the exchange between the center and QB ever been called a pass?

No, the exchange between the center and quarterback is not considered a pass in football terminology. It is known as the snap, where the center hikes the ball to the quarterback to start the play. A pass refers to a specific type of play where the quarterback throws the ball downfield to a receiver.

What does a tailback do on a pass play?

It's another name for the running back and that's what they do; run the ball.

How many non quarterback players have thrown a complete pass in a Super Bowl?

Very few, Antwaan Randle El was the last player to do so in Super Bowl XL.

What does in the pocket mean football?

The "pocket" is a horseshoe shaped area formed by offensive linemen that drop back and protect the quarterback during a pass play. In theory, if the quarterback remains within the pocket, he will have sufficient time to find a receiver and throw a pass. If defensive players penetrate the pocket before the pass is thrown, the quarterback is either sacked or forced to run out of the pocket...and then he's on his own.

Does quarterback get credit for completion of pass interference?

No. they are not added to the quarterback's statistics.

What is the name of the pass that the quarterback pitches to the halfback?

shuffle pass

Is a pass illegal if it is thrown from behind the line of scrimage in football?

No! A pass is only legal if it is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. A pass is illegal if it is thrown from in front of the line of scrimmage.

What was the first touchdown pass of Matt ryans career?

In the NFL, that was 62 yards to Michael Jenkins against the Lions on September 7, 2008. It was his first ever pass attempt as an NFL quarterback.

What is an incomplete pass in football?

When a quarterback throws to an receiver or anyone on offense eligible on then the yards thrown from where the ball was placed and the offense player catches and extends the play until he Is tackled out of bounds or scores

What is the definition of a lateral in football?

A lateral is a pass that is thrown sideways to or behind the player that throws the pass. This is the opposite of a 'forward pass' which is a pass thrown downfield, or in front of, the player that throws the pass. American football rules state that only one forward pass can be thrown per play. However, there is no limit as to the number of lateral passes that can be thrown per play.